Interview: Jump Start Diet in 2012 with Carin Gorrell, Nutrition Director at Self Magazine

Carin Gorrell, Nutrition Director at Self magazine joined me late last week to discuss Self's new program called 'The Jump Start Diet' which not only encourages you to eat healthier but includes a exercise program courtesy of Jillian Michaels!


Carin Gorrell Nutrition Director at Self MagazineSelf magazine's Nutrition Director, Carin Gorrell





Candace Rose: What can we do to be healthier in 2012?

Carin Gorrell: "Well, you know that old saying 'that you are what you eat'? It's totally true and there's some new research showing that common additives that are pumped into processed and packaged junk foods can actually make you fat. So we've designed a new program called 'The Jump Start Diet' which helps nix those fattening additives and instead focuses on filling you up with more natural and fresh and whole foods like the snacks that you see here that can help you drop two pounds per week, so if you get started today you could be eight pounds slimmer by the end of the month."


Nutrition Director Food Self Magazine Carin GorrellJust a few healthy snacks from Self's Jump Start Diet 


Candace Rose: What do you advise when it comes to nutrition?

Carin Gorrell: "Well, you know again it's about nixing those chemicals, those additives. You don't know what they do to your body but now we're finding out that they can make you fat and sticking to the more natural and whole foods and reading labels and looking for those natural ingredients and fewer ingredients is the way to go. And another thing to think about is making sure you stay hydrated. It seems really simple but when your body is dehydrated you're likely to feel hungry, so regular water is great for staying hydrated, of course. but you can also try something new and different like coconut water which is really popular these days because it's low in calories and it has electrolytes which are great for recovering after a workout. We really like Vita Coco because it's natural and not made from concentrate like some other coconut waters are, so you have to take a look at the label."


Vita CocoVita Coco coconut water is great because it's all natural.


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to exercise?

Carin Gorrell: "Yes, obviously exercise is key to losing weight successfully and part of our Jump Start plan includes a work out program from Jillian Michaels, and what I love about this plan is it only takes 16 minutes which is totally doable. You don't need any equipment so you can do it in the privacy of your own home.  


Jillian Michaels Jump Start Diet Self MagazineJillian Michaels demonstrating exercises from the Self magazine Jump Start diet. Image courtesy of Examiner. Image originated from Self magazine.

    One thing to think about while you're doing your exercise program is taking care of your skin, especially in winter when we have more dry and irritate skin and that's why we recommend using Dove Clinical Protection antiperspirants and deodorants because they offer prescription strength protection but it's less irritating and more moisturizing than other brands out there. So there's a line for women- there are four different fragrances for women, and then there's also a line for guys called the Dove Men + Care line and it has moisturizing technology that's really tough on sweat but not on skin. It's not irritating and it lasts for 48 hours. So you can get those products at or"


Dove Clinical Protection Dove Men + CareDove and Dove Men + Care Deodorant

Candace Rose: How can we enter Self's Jump Start diet contest? 

Carin Gorrell: "You can register for free at and we'll send you newsletters every day to help you stay on track, and we've got a great community of people who are in it with you on or your can follow us on twitter or like us on facebook and we've got people there that will help you out and help you stay on track."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share? 

Carin Gorrell: "Really, it's just about starting and getting with it. If you sign up today, it's totally free and there are great prizes to be won, so if that's motivating for you! Just start the plan and stick with it and we're there to help you out."


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