Interview: Getting Healthy in 2012 & Keeping Those New Years Resolutions with Shape Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Tara Kraft

Happy New Year! Are you one of the millions looking to make health changes in 2012? If so, you've come to the right place; Tara Kraft, editor-in-chief at Shape magazine joined me just before the holidays to share her top tips on getting healthy and keeping your new years resolutions! 


Shape magazine Tara KraftTara Kraft, Editor-in-Chief at Shape Magazine with Health and Beauty tips for 2012




Candace Rose: What can we do to be healthier in 2012?

Tara Kraft: "Well, you should start the new year off right by eating better, for sure. Nutrition is so very important, and the makers of Centrum multivitamins have just introduced new Pro Nutrients, it's a new line of supplements that when you take them in conjunction with your daily multiple vitamin, they really will help take your nutrition to the next level, so highly recommend them. And there's an omega-3 in the line, a pro biotic, and a fruit and veggie supplement. The omega-3 is particularly interesting because they're mini gels that are easy to swallow. You know omega-3's are great because they help heart, brain, and eyes; but so many times the pills are gigantic and hard to swallow, these are not. And then an interesting formula- the pro biotic is actually powder. It's a flavorless powder that Centrum has placed in these little packets, so that you can take them anywhere, and you simply sprinkle the powder onto a cold food or a glass of juice, like this (anything cool) and you'll be helping to maintain your digestive balance and support for your immune system, so these supplements are fantastic."


Centrum Pro NutrientsCentrum's Pro Nutrients is a new line of supplements from Centrum multivitamins.


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to beauty and skin care?

Tara Kraft: "Well, beauty and skin care, also still you know you really need to still nourish what's inside of you, so multiple vitamins are something important. So, Centrum's also launched a new line called Centrum Specialist multivitamins that are enhanced for women or men with specific health priorities like heart, vision, energy, and prenatal and they still give you all the benefits of the regular Centrum.


Centrum SpecialistCentrum Specialist multivitamins 


    Also, you need to work out- be it in the gym or outside; find an exercise you love and work it! Because getting moving everyday will help you feel good and look good on the outside, and that's where beauty also comes in. I know that you love beauty as much as I do, and the more confident you are about yourself, the better you'll feel. So if you struggle with something, let's say like facial hair, I recommend trying Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal duo. It's a two step depilatory for fine to medium hair that's brand new. It's a pre-treatment to protect skin, so there's no redness, no irritation, and no fuzz, so you're left with flawless skin. 


Olay Facial Hair RemovalOlay Facial Hair Removal Duo


Candace Rose: What can we do to keep our resolutions this year?

Tara Kraft: "I think set- if you set realistic resolutions and not really fast fixes, you will be more apt to stay on top of them and to keep them. Plus you need to have a positive outlook because if you don't think that you can do it, you won't be able to do it. So think you can and you will."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Tara Kraft: "Well, for additional information, definitely check out the latest issue of Shape. You can also log onto or head to"



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