Interview: Celebrity Makeup Artist, Renee Parenteau


Today I have the great pleasure of sharing the interview I recently conducted with celebrity makeup artist, Renee Parenteau who has worked with the likes of the worlds top athletes, singers and movie stars to name a few. She was kind enough to share how she got into the makeup business, what a typical day is on set to how we can spice up our look for Valentines day and much more!!!


ReneeParenteauCelebrity Makeup Artist, Renee Parenteau


Candace Rose: Did you always dream of having a career as celebrity makeup artist?

Renee Parenteau: "I discovered my love of art in elementary school and my love of fashion in high school. I was lucky to run across a makeup studio right after high school that inspired me to combine both passions for my perfect career!"


Candace Rose: How did you first get started in the business?

Renee Parenteau: "I first studied theater makeup with the head makeup artist at the Seattle Opera then worked on her crew. Theater makeup gave me a good foundation of makeup theory that translated well into photography and television work later!"


Candace Rose: Who are some of your clients and what do you love most about working with them?

Renee Parenteau: "I often work with Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller. She's great to work with because she's inspires so many women and children to be fit and to follow their dreams. I love working with athletes since they're so healthy and humble! I work with pro golfers Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis. They love makeup and it's so much fun creating their look for their photo shoots! I had the honor of working with Roberta Flack recently. She loves makeup as well and we had a great time picking out lashes for a fantastic look for her concert!"


388856_10150495504284300_51258934299_8691431_1700787917_n"Men's Health Jan/Feb issue: I did men's grooming for Ryan Lochte on this shoot in Gainesville a couple months ago ! Now he's busy training for the summer Olympics!" – Renee Parenteau


Ashley FiolekHot off the press! NY Times Style Magazine featuring the rad X-Games dirt biker Ashley Fiolek! I did her hair and makeup at her home in St. Augustine with the NY fashion editor and photographer! Ashley puts a bright pink streak in her hair before major races for good luck!


Roberta Flack print by Fran Ruchalski 2009FRA_2000Singer, Roberta Flack. Photo Credit: Fran Ruchalski

Candace Rose: As one of the most sought after makeup artists in the business, what is a typical day like on the job? 

Renee Parenteau: "Often I start before sunrise since the most beautiful light is early in the morning. All my equipment is mobile and I work out of a makeup room in a studio or motor home. Once the models are ready I standby on the set to be sure their makeup stays fresh throughout the  shoot. I may be chatting with other crew members but have learned to always be attentive of what's going on, on the set.  Lunch is usually catered in the studio or outdoors at the location. Then the touch ups start again and the shoot may last until sunset. This is pretty much the routine whether in a city park, on the beach or any beautiful location in Mexico or abroad."


Candace Rose: I must say I love the piece you did with Shannon Miller on "how to do your makeup while under chemotherapy." It must be very rewarding to know you're helping people who are fighting such brave battles look their best. 

Renee Parenteau: "I love making women feel prettier. To a woman who's lost her lashes and hair undergoing chemotherapy makeup can be very important in giving the skin a healthy appearance and recreating eyebrows and lashes that frame the eyes that we all take for granted. It's such a wonderful thing when I see them light up afterward!"


Shannon Miller Renee Parenteau Olympic Athlete Makeup ArtistRenee Parenteau with one of the greatest athletes of our time- Olympic gold medalist, Shannon Miller. Renee Parenteau Photo credit: Dan Darty


Candace Rose: What is the most common complaint you get from women when it comes to applying makeup correctly?

Renee Parenteau: "Women want to look great but need a quick and easy makeup routine.  They shy away from foundation since they don't want a "mask" look. I tell them about all the options like tinted moisturizer and give them the proper technique for natural application."


Candace Rose: As I've mentioned to you before, I absolutely love your lip glosses! Not only are the colors gorgeous but they feel great as well. I swear my lips felt plumper too! 🙂 Can you tell us about your makeup line?

Renee Parenteau: "My clients are so supportive and wanted to purchase their makeup directly from me. People like supporting small business today. I'm very particular about makeup so I hand picked product from a manufacturer that meet my criteria. I love makeup that looks great for day and stays on well and is easy to use. I also have a great line of pro type makeup brushes at a great price! The Lip Gels you have are my #1 seller!"


Renee Parenteau lip gelsMy great lip gels I never leave home without! – Instagram MissCandaceRose


Candace Rose: How important is taking care of ones skin prior to applying makeup?

Renee Parenteau: "Makeup is just a gloss on the skin. Skin needs to be well-cared for (cleansed, moisturized and exfoliated regularly) for makeup to look its best. I'm now selling an amazing line of skin care called Easamine that's available through my website. It was in the Oscar swag bags and has anti-aging ingredients discovered by a scientist developing a treatment for heart patients.  My skin feels amazing after using it for a couple of months now!!!"


Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for those of us with sensitive skin? 

Renee Parenteau: "I have sensitive skin too so I try out all my product on myself first. Stay away from fragranced products or at least try it out first to see how your skin reacts."


Candace Rose: Many of us suffer with a blemish here and there or skin imperfections, what's the best way to cover it up?

Renee Parenteau: "To cover up, a concealer with decent coverage either matching your skin tone if you don't wear makeup or a little lighter then foundation is applied over will camouflage them!"


Candace Rose: How often should we clean our makeup brushes? 

Renee Parenteau: "Brushes really need to be washed often. They need to be clean and fluffy for makeup to be be applied well. So, every few days or at least once a week use a brush cleaner like MAC cosmetics brush cleaner mixed with some whatever, swirl the hairs around and rinse with cool water. Towel dry them and let them rest on their side overnight to dry. Take care of your brushes and a good brush will last a long time!"

Candace Rose: If you had one piece of universal advice for all women when it comes to applying makeup/skincare what would it be?

Renee Parenteau: "One? 🙂 Be religious about skin care and use clean professional brushes for your makeup. A chef wouldn't be able to create his amazing dishes with an ordinary kitchen knife. Tools are so important!"


Candace Rose: With Valentines day almost upon us what can women do to spice up their look for the holiday?

Renee Parenteau: "I saw beautiful shimmer in the Golden Globes makeup this year. Add a little zing with product with just a hint of shimmer to the top of the cheekbones or eyelids or do a neutral eye with a rich romantic red lipstick. Just add a little of the unexpected!"


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Renee Parenteau: "I recently incorporated a foundation primer into my makeup line. Wow, foundations stays in place so much longer when applied over the primer! Fitness and aerobic exercise is the key to a great complexion. Makeup applied after a nice workout glows and is so beautiful!"


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Renee Parenteau: " follow me at @reneeparenteau on twitter and "like" my page on Facebook:"


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    Great interview with an amazing artist. I too am addicted to the Renee Parenteau lip gloss!

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