Interview: Top Holiday Gifts for the Family with Elizabeth Mayhew of Woman’s Day Magazine

Elizabeth Mayhew, editor-in-chief at Woman’s Day magazine stopped by to share her top holiday gifts for everyone in the family!


Elizabeth MayhewWoman’s Day magazine’s, Elizabeth Mayhew with the top toys for kids and great gifts for the entire family!



Candace Rose: What are the top gifts for kids this year?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, starting off with little girls, there’s no doubt the Mattel’s Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle is going to be the gift that tops their list. Not only is it the first time that all of the Princesses have rooms under the same roof (that’s a big deal) but it also comes with 50 pieces of furniture, accessories for hours of fun and it stands quite tall at over three feet, so you can imagine how they would be when they come down and see that under the tree.


Mattel Ultimate Dream Princess CastleJust a small portion of Mattel Dream Princess Castle. To see the entire castle please see video above!


    The other thing that’s big for kids this year is the new Smurfs movie, they have packaged it in a special gift collection. It’s a 3-disc holiday Blu-ray and DVD set which not only includes the Smurf movie but it also has a mini movie which is the newest and never seen before The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol; perfect for the season and it has Smurf-O-Vision which means that while you’re watching the movie you can download apps and games onto your iPad or other device for hours of play that’s completely interactive and really fun for the kids. It also is one of the first movies from Sony Pictures to have what they call UltraViolet. UltraViolet is the newest in kind of video storage whereby when you buy the movie you’re going to own it forever in a cloud and you and your family members can download it anywhere anytime to up to six devices. So that’s pretty incredible. You can access it whenever you want.”


Smurfs Movie UltraVioletThe new Smurfs movie is a great gift for kids!

Smurfs Christmas CarolWith your Smurf movie purchase you also get the never before seen The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol


Candace Rose: Wow that’s great.

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Yeah, very cool. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of that in the future and this is really one of the first, so it’s very cutting edge technology. The other thing for families is a lot of families get pajamas for the holidays (matching Christmas pajamas) so we love as a resource for that- Lands’ End. Not only because they’re soft and cozy but we also love that you can monogram everything and that everything that they do coordinates, so the pajamas coordinate with the slippers which coordinate with the bedding and even with the sleeping bags. Now I’ve given my kids sleeping bags for Christmas and it was a huge, huge hit and plus that you can monogram them and make them personal is really a nice thing.”


Lands' End matching pajamasLands’ End matching pajamas for the entire family

Lands' End MonogramAnother great thing about Lands’ End is the monogrammable pajamas and bedding. Don’t you just love that the slippers match the pajamas?!


Candace Rose: And how about for the ladies?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, for the ladies we love is not only a great resource for makeup and creams but also for accessories and very affordable and very good quality. One of the things we love is their Anew skincare. So these are creams: eye cream, day cream, night cream. It’s got your whole regimen that you need and normally it retails for $145 but for this holiday season they’re doing a special $69 gift set which comes in this great looking gold kind of carrying case; so you have all of your creams in one place, completely organized. It’s great for travel but also great to have in your bathroom just so you have everything in one place. You just grab it out and take care of yourself and look great. And Anew is made with all kinds of special ingredients and technology so it really does make your skin look great which is one thing I certainly would love for Christmas.”


Avon Anew Holiday Gift SetThe holiday Avon Anew gift set comes with day cream, eye cream and night cream along with –

Avon Anew Gold Bag– this great gold carrying case to store it all in!


Candace Rose: Absolutely. And do you have any other gift ideas for anybody else on your list?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, yeah for everybody there’s not question that the iPhone 4S is going to be a really hot gift. You can find lines around the corner at the Apple Stores but you definitely don’t want to buy it and not protect it which is why we love Case-Mate. Case-Mate has these great looking cases. They come in either their brushed aluminum in all different colors but they also come in glam glittering cases, so you can have different cases depending on the occasion you’re going to or depending on your outfit. They’re $40 each and you can get them at”


CaseMate iPhone casesCase-Mate iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S cases make a great gift for everyone in your family!

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share this morning?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, you can always go to or pick up the latest issue that’s on the newsstands. We have tons more gift ideas plus we have cooking, decorating, you name it; we’ve got the whole thing covered.”



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