Interview: Making the Most of Your Wardrobe with CEO Michelle Madhok

Have you ever been guilty of looking in your closet and finding absolutely nothing to wear? If so, you're not alone! Michelle Madhok, CEO and Editor in Chief at joined me to share tips on making the most of your wardrobe and how proper laundering can extend the length of wear!

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Candace Rose: With the holidays coming up how can we make the most of what we already have in our closet?

Michelle Madhok: "You know, I'm like everyone else, as much as I like to shop, I also like to find things that will allow me to use what I already have. So like I always look around the web for great things to extend the length of items. So one thing I've been looking at is boot liners. You can get fleece liners or sheepskin liners for your rain boots and you can turn them into winter boots. The same thing with tights, we especially like at She Finds, plush tights and fleece tights which are a little warmer and can turn a summer dress into a winter dress: just put a sweater underneath the dress and you're good to go. So it's a great way to really extend the life of your clothing."


Candace Rose: What are some of the latest accessory trends that we all need to know about?

Michelle Madhok: "Definitely like wearing a little skinny belt over a cardigan is a terrific idea; getting a great colored scarf in maybe a cashmere that can be a shawl as well- those are great things that you can get more than one use out of."


Candace Rose: What's a good way to increase the value of household items you already have?

Michelle Madhok: "You know I think when people are looking throughout their home and they want to make it better, they should think about scent. I love a good scented candle that can just change the ambiance of the whole room. And if you love when your clothes have an amazing scent you should buy detergent like Gain which comes in a variety of different scents and with Gain you only need a capful unlike other leading detergents which use two, so you get more scent for less product and I also use it on my linents, on my sheets, on my towels; so I have amazing scents following me all over the place."


Candace Rose: And what are some of your favorite laundering products that you'd like to share?

Michelle Madhok: "They also make a dryer bar which is really cool, you stick it in your dryer and it will scent your clothes when they're drying and you don't have to remember to always put something in all the time. And they have a scent booster called 'Fireworks' which you can pour into your laundry to get even more scent out of when you're doing your wash.


Sweet-Sizzlers gain fireworksGain Fireworks -


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Michelle Madhok: "You can see all this at,, and"


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