Interview: Kristina Moreno, President of Handbago

 Good afternoon fellow handbag aficionados! Today I'm pleased to bring you my interview with my friend and mentor: the uber talented and inspiring fashionista, Kristina Moreno, President of Handbago!



Kristina Moreno President of HandbagoKristina Moreno, President of Handbago


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about Handbago?

Kristina Moreno: is a fashion marketplace, blog and community dedicated to all things designer handbags. Handbago’s features include an editorial blog, and extensive catalog of designer handbags, handbag reviews, giveaways, insight on celebrity style, personal styling tips, sales, events, and a fashion video library. Get up close and personal with all your favorite handbag designers by visiting their Designer Profile, where you can read their blog, follow their twitter and Facebook happenings and watch their fashion videos. Bagistas (Handbago members) love Handbago because it allows them to discover and shop for their favorite handbags while engaging with others who share their obsession for finding that perfect bag."


Handbago Logo Candace Rose Interview Kristina MorenoHandbago – Image Courtesy of


Candace Rose: What inspired Handbago?

Kristina Moreno: "Handbago was inspired by my little dog Sophie, sounds crazy but I was looking for a dog carrier one day and finding it frustrating that I had to go to 100 different sites and Brian (now CEO of Handbago) asked me if there wasn't a website where I could see all the best bags in the world? I said no, and he said, well, let's build one! With his background in web development and online marketing, and my background in handbag development and production, fashion pr and sales…I thought, okay! So here we are two years later."


Sophie handbag HandbagoMiss Sophie! – Image courtesy of Handbago


Candace Rose: What is a typical day like on the job?

Kristina Moreno: "My day starts and ends on my computer/iPhone.  My job is to lead my editorial, PR and sales team, while building relationships with designers, clients and possible partners.  I oversee all of our outside services as well, which includes fashion PR, Social Media Management, Brand Consulting and Product Photography. I meet with my team to make sure all is going well, I meet with designers looking to sell on our marketplace and I also aid in customer service.  So everyday I'm tackling new problems, making new relationships and marketing all that Handbago has to offer.  I'm in the office about 12 hours a day and then I go home and get back on the computer until I head to bed:)"


Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite lines?

Kristina Moreno: "I'm loving the line feNa right now, their clutches are amazing. I also really like M. Clifford and Antoinette Lee Designs.  I get really excited about exotic skinned handbags and Adriana Castro and Fossati have some really beautiful pieces as well.  I'm really excited about two new designers we just recently signed, Torregrossa and RK New York…they are both doing luxury based bags that will blow your mind."


 Clutch Handbago M. CliffordM. Clifford Designs – Bacall Clutch Black/Gold Boa – Handbago


Candace Rose: What is the one handbag every business woman needs?

Kristina Moreno: "Every business woman needs a handbag that can go from day to night in an instant.  Elly Clay does a great satchel called the Crissy that is both appropriate for the office but trendy enough to take out to dinner.  Every business woman needs a bag that can "do it all":) Lancaster's Paris Black Tote is also an amazing bag that works for both the office and cocktails. Polished and sophisticated, that's what I love to see in a bag."


Lancaster Paris Black Tote HandbagoLancaster Paris – Black Olivia Tote Wild – Handbago


Candace Rose: How about the mom who is always on the go?

Kristina Moreno: "Great question. Mom's need to look stylish and carry a bag that can hold all the stuff mom's have to carry around.  I love the Bryna Hermann School Bags and the Bryna Quintara bags, they are casual but still super cute and can carry a large amount of stuff and are appropriate for the mall to the soccer field.  If mom's want to dress it up a little, the Large Pocket Tote by Jayne Max is really beautiful really practical for any mom on the go."


Bryna Hermann-school-bagbrickBryna – Brick Small Hermann School Bag – Handbago

Candace Rose: What are your favorite styles for an evening out on the town?

Kristina Moreno: "I absolutely LOVE a great over-sized clutch, I'm currently carrying the Billie Jean Clutch by Elly Clay out on the town, it's hip, it's hot and it holds everything!"


Ellay Clay New York Billie Jean ClutchElly Clay New York – Billie Jean Clutch – Handbago


Candace Rose: Can I adopt Sophie? 🙂

Kristina Moreno: "hahahaha…I get this alot…she is available to rent by the hour:) j/k:)"


For more information on Handbago, please be sure to visit their website: Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!


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