Interview: Holiday Gifts On A Budget with Jenn Falik

With Christmas just a week away, beauty and fashion expert Jenn Falik has the scoop on the best gifts for everyone in your life on a budget!


Jenn Falik beauty expertBeauty and fashion expert, Jenn Falik



Candace Rose: What are some of the must have gifts this holiday season?

Jenn Falik: Beauty and fashion items are always wonderful gifts to give and receive, so we'll start with a little bit of pampering and Tree Hut is a brand that feels great on the skin, smells amazing. They're known for their Shea sugar scrubs and body butters. They're great gifts because they do things that we all sort of need for skin anyways, so you know that it's going to be a solution to somebody's skin problem. It supports collagen production to rejuvenate the skin. It fights age spots, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. The products are available at and they have a new olive and shea collection in vanilla spice and lavender chamomile; so you get that cozy warm vanilla and a more calming lavender scent. Those stimulate cell renewal, smooth the skin and you can find them for under eight dollars each at Walmart and Ulta stores.


Tree Hut Shea LotionTree Hut Shea Lotion


    You can head on over to Target where they've got a bevy of on trend beauty goodies. They have designer makeup exclusives, they've got hair goodies, body goodies, a little bit of everything; mostly under forty dollars. JK Jemma Kidd's Show Stopper Year Round Body Glow is a Target exclusive and a celebrity makeup artists favorite for red carpet moments.


JM Jemma Kim Show Stopper Year Round Body GlowJM Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Year Round Body Glow is a Target exclusive and celebrity makeup artist favorite for Red Carpet events!


    NP Set has their Rainbow Eye Palette where you're getting 15 eyeshadow shades for 20 dollars. You can create a million different looks with this one little palette and Pixi's Ultimate Beauty kit is the ultimate beauty kit, it's got 32 eyeshadows, 8 cheek colors, 6 lipglosses and it's 40 dollars. And you see it has a pop up mirror in there. It's literally like a portable vanity table, so I love that you can get all of those plus the mirror in one tiny little package."


Pixies Ultimate Beauty KitPixi Ultimate Beauty Kit


Candace Rose: What's the latest in fashion?

Jenn Falik: "For fashion gifting I like to help people upgrade their basics, give them something that you know they'll be able to use. Hanes Comfort Flex socks are great for stocking stuffers, they've got the comfort toe seam, so it doesn't pinch around the toe which is important. You don't want to have uncomfortable sock issues and as a mom I just like anything that my family's not going to complain about, so that's one less thing. And also Hanes has these lay flat colored tees, so for men I love that they don't lose their shape so they'll last well into next year.


Hanes ShirtHanes Lay Flat T-shirts are a great stocking stuffer for men


    There's also comfort flex boxers, these have a plush waistband so if you eat a little bit too much it's still nice and comfy. A no gap fly and there's plaids and fun colors, so that makes them feel more 'gifty.' It's a basic, it's something that he probably needs but it's in a pattern or color that he may not normally think to buy which is sort of the same situation with the Hanes Comfort Fit Flex bras and these have all different colors, so again that's the fun factor. But the sizing is the key here for gifting, so you can get small, medium, large or extra large, so you can go by what t-shirt size you would buy somebody and then it actually shapes to fit their body."


Hanes Comfort Fit Flex BraHanes Comfort Fit Flex Bra


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share this morning?

Jenn Falik: "For more information on everything shared here today you can go to LifeMinute.TV."


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