Interview: Holiday Gifting with Emily Henderson of Secrets of a Stylist & Lands’ End

Emily Henderson, winner of Design Star (season five) and current HGTV host of "Secrets From A Stylist" joined me to share her favorite holiday gift ideas for the entire family from Lands' End!


Emily henderson hgtv design star secrets from a stylistHGTV "Secrets From A Stylist" Host, Emily Henderson





Candace Rose: With the holidays just a few short weeks away, do you have any tips on getting started?

Emily Henderson: "I do. I have a ton of tips mainly for gifts; right now in front of me I have a lot of gifts from Lands' End that I think are really go-to gifts, the kind of things that you're really excited to receive no matter who you are. Right now there's a few different trends that I've noticed in style and fashion- one is the nautical motif. Now Lands' End has done this forever. It's kind of one of their 'things' what's so classic about them. It's that blue and white striped and for the home right now, we have this pillow; this comfy, chunky throw; some Christmas stockings. It's just a really good go-to, that can kind of mix in with a lot of different styles that you might already have.


Blue white nautical red white lands' endGreat nautical themed gifts for the home for winter from Lands' End!


    Also in fashion we have cable knits- this little sweater that is pretty adorable for little boys; hats, scarves, gloves- just really good go-to very classic, very timeless.


Little anchor boy sweatshirtAn adorable nautical inspired sweater for little boys


    Another trend is monogramming and at you can monogram a lot like this robe for instance that's 100% down and flannel and then you can also put your initials on the pocket which is pretty cute.


Robe monogrammedA great monogrammed robe from Lands' End makes the perfect gift


    You can monogram these needlepoint stockings for kids. My personal favorite is the canvas tote. It's very classic, it's been around forever and I'm a stylist and a designer so I shop for a living, so I need good totes or my life becomes very difficult; so these are indestructible and you don't have to be precious with them. I don't have to be careful with them because I know that they're not going to break. But also you can wash them which is pretty awesome.


Stockings lands' endMonogrammed Stockings are great for the entire family!

Tote lands' endThis durable tote is one of Emily Henderson's favorites!


    Another trend is handcrafted gifts and they have made these little stuffed penguins in Kenya by artisans; that's actually supporting the community down there which makes you feel good about gift giving. But they're all different, there's the mama and the baby.


Penguin handmade lands' endThis adorable penguin was handcrafted by artisans in Kenya.


    Another good gift for your four legged friend is this argyle sweater that also comes in cable knit. You can't forget your dogs on Christmas. And they also have these great dog treats that are pumpkin nutmeg – very fancy but they're supposed to be delicious.


Dog argyle sweaterSuper cute argyle sweater for your four legged family member!

Dog treats Pumpkin nutmegPumpkin nutmeg dog treats


    For the hostess they have these great cookie tins and candles and scents. They're all handmade or they're all made in the U.S.- very local and you can feel good about it. 


Hostess gifts lands' endHostess gifts courtesy of Lands' End


    And all of this is available at If you are still stumped you can always buy a gift card from them. And for more holiday and decorating ideas you can still go to my blog which is"


Secrets from a stylist HGTVSecrets From A Stylist: Emily Henderson. Image courtesy of


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