Interview: Holiday Gift Ideas with Morgan Thompson of REDBOOK Magazine


Can you believe Christmas is just two weeks away? If you’re guilty of waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping (like I am) REDBOOK magazine’s Merchandising Editor, Morgan Thompson has you covered with gifts for the kids and everyone else on your list!


Morgan Thompson RedbookREDBOOK Magazine’s Merchandising Editor, Morgan Thompson with Her Holiday Gift Must Haves!



Candace Rose: Morgan, as an editor at REDBOOK magazine, what are some of the biggest gift trends you’re seeing for the holidays?

Morgan Thompson: “Well, we’re really excited about our list this year and we’re going to start with the NOOK by Barnes & Noble. It’s a great gift option for anyone on your list. It comes in two different price points starting with the NOOK Simple Touch E-Reader. It offers over 2 million books, magazines and newspapers and it’s only $99. And then we have the NOOK Color and it offers apps, email and web browsing, videos all in amazing color and it’s $199.


Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch E-ReaderThe NOOK Color ($199) and The NOOK Simple Touch E-Reader ($99) by Barnes & Noble.


    Next we have fragrance because it’s a great gift item to give for a man or woman and we love Eternity by Calvin Klein who has both options. Eternity for men is a classic refreshing scent with the warm, woodsy trail. Actually, I think I”m going to pick some up for my husband this year. And for women, Eternity is a classic floral fragrance. You know, it has nodes of white lilly and sandalwood and freesia, so it’s really romantic. 


Eternity by Calvin KleinEternity by Calvin Klein makes a great gift for men & women!


    And also for the ladies we have the Gaiam metro tote. Now this is great if you have an exerciser on your list or a weekend warriors always around doing errands. There’s a zipper pocket inside so your wallet and your keys won’t fall out. There’s big pockets on the outside which close and then there’s a cinch cord underneath you can attach a yoga mat to. So that’s really great. You pair this aluminum water bottle and you’ve got a great gift for the girl on the go.”


Gaiam Metro ToteGaiam Metro Tote available at


Candace Rose: What about for jewelry?

Morgan Thompson: “For jewelry, what woman doesn’t love jewelry? I know I do! This is a great item from Pandora, this is the Pandora ‘Honeycomb Florentine Necklace.’ It’s sterling silver, it has black crystals. You pair it with a bracelet, earrings, a matching ring and you have a great jewelry set.”


Pandora Honeycomb Florentine Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings Ring PandoraThe beautiful Honeycomb Florentine necklace, bracelet, earrings and matching ring; all from Pandora.


Candace Rose: And how about for the kids?

Morgan Thompson: “Yes, the kids! Little ones, we can’t forget about them and NCircle Entertainment has a great assortment of DVD’s this year starting with The Wiggles. It’s their first Christmas DVD since 2004 and then we have The Fairies, and this is based on an Australian tv show and it’s almost like the female version of The Wiggles and then we have The Cat and the Hat which is based on Dr. Seuss’ famous tales and  this is the newest edition so it’s educational and fun.


The Wiggles, The Fairies and The Cat and the HatThe Wiggles, The Fairies and The Cat and the Hat are just a few great DVD’s available for your kids this holiday season!

    And then finally for kids we found this item, it’s called the Dancing Frog’s Speaker. It’s really fun, you plug in your MP3 player, your iPod- anything with a headphone jack, you plug it to the back and the frog will literally dance to the beat of the music. It’s so cool to see and it has a built in microphone so your child can sing and the frog will continue to dance to the beat. It’s so much fun.”

Candace Rose: Oh how fun!


FrogThe Dancing Frog Speaker is adorable for kids!


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share this morning?

Morgan Thompson: “You know, you can visit our website at For more information on any of these gifts as well as holiday packing and shopping tips you can pick up our December issue of REDBOOK magazine.”




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    If you’re guilty of waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping (like I am) REDBOOK magazine’s Merchandising Editor, Morgan Thompson has you covered with gifts for the kids and everyone else on your list!

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