Interview: Holiday De-stressing with Mom On The Run, Colleen Burns

With Christmas just a week away, Colleen Burns better known as the "Mom and on the Run" stopped by to share de-stressing tips to help you get through the holidays cool, calm and collected and much more!


Colleen Burns Mom On The RunMom on the run, Colleen Burns




Candace Rose: With the holiday rush upon us what can we do to relax and de-stress?

Colleen Burns: "You know, moms never have enough hours in the day as it is and then comes the holiday rush and we're right up over the edge, so I like to spend the beginning part of the season really trying to find a way to take back some hours whether it's talking to our friends to arrange some carpools so I'm not driving my children to and from every single activity. Whether it's making sure I only go to the grocery store once during the week to planning my meals a week at a time or even hiring a housekeeper, even just for the month to make sure I have that extra bit of time for all the shopping and all the other things I need to do. But also to make sure that I'm not over committing and I'm spending time with my family.


Candace Rose: What are some great last minute gift ideas?

Colleen Burns: "Some great last minute gift ideas, well, certainly a great way to compare gifts online and to get the best prices there's a new app called Amazon Mobile and this is a wonderful way to check prices, read reviews, make purchases online using your smartphone, your Android, your iPad, your iPhone, iTouch. You can take a picture of the product even to check on availability and compare for the best prices. You can also scan a barcode or simply type in the name of the product, so that's a great way to make sure you're getting the best price.


Amazon MobileAmazon Mobile


And even if you don't find the perfect gift, the perfect card can more than make up for it. So this is a great line of cards called 'Hooray for the Underdog.' It's from Sunrise Greetings and Oprah has in fact named this line of cards among the best of the gifts that give back because they profile rescue animals in these heartwarming situations. They're adorable, you can get them at Barnes & Noble or Office Max. You can also find them on their website


Oprah Cards Hooray For the Underdog Pet Cards Rescue AnimalsHooray For The Underdog cards are a favorite of Oprah's; the pets featured are rescues!


    And we talk about making sure that you spend time with your family and that's so important. An easy way to create some quality family time is to make some holiday crafts together. You don't have to run out and get new art supplies, you can use what you have on hand, and certainly everyone has Q-tip cotton swabs on hand. You might not have thought to make projects with them but you can! They're really an easy way to make paintbrushes for example, you can use one for each color. When you're all done you simply throw away the whole mess and nothing could be easier. There are also some cute art projects you can make- a snowman, a snowflake. You can find out directions on how to make these at their Facebook page: There's also a great contest the Tip-a-Thon that you can enter for a chance to win some great weekly prizes.


Q-Tips tip-a-thon, craftsGreat craft projects the whole family will enjoy, created out of Q-tips!


    And when you're trying to save time you know it's just so pesky to have to make a meal every night and make sure that everything's homemade. It's a lot of stress, a lot of time. Don't feel guilty about stocking your freezer with those foods that feel good to serve to your family that are easy, and Marie Callender's pot pies are a great example because they have nutritious vegetables and meat and homemade crust. They're a comfort food and comfort foods (studies show) decrease your stress and elevate your mood, so it's a wonderful thing to serve for your family this time of the year those comfort foods. So really it's about making sure that you're prioritizing, you're taking back some time from other areas of your life so that you're not stretched so thin."


Marie Callenders Pot Pies Mom on the run Colleen BurnsMarie Callender's delicious pot pies


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Colleen Burns: "Sure, I would just say we hear it every year but you know it's likely you haven't followed this advice in years past, so make it the first year: STICK TO YOUR BUDGET because as stressful as it is to overstretch your budget right now, it's a double hit because later when the bills come in you're stressed out again. So try to stick with that budget, make a list, stick to that list. You can get more information about these tips and other products and ideas at"


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