Interview: Beauty, Fashion & Entertaining Must Haves with Stylist to the Stars Mary Alice Stephenson


Celebrity stylist to the stars and frequent network fashion and beauty commentator, Mary Alice Stephenson joined me to share the top beauty must haves to get you red carpet ready for your next holiday event; the top trend in shoes this season and how to get your home ready for holiday entertaining!


Mary Alice StephensonCelebrity Stylist, Mary Alice Stephenson




Candace Rose: With the holidays upon us, what are the first steps we need to take to get ready?

Mary Alice Stephenson: "I think we need to take care of ourselves, Candace. It's really important to get glamorous and ready for the holidays before you can take care of everyone else. You've got to do it for yourself. My number one beauty tip is to use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. You can find this product in any drugstore. It's literally a leg makeup that you spray on your legs when you're wearing one of those fabulous holiday cocktail dresses. You can spray this on- it covers nicks, bruises, freckles and it makes your legs look flawless so you don't always have to wear a stocking. A lot of actresses wear this on the red carpet and we always use this to get them ready, and I use it all the time on myself so I love it. Drugstore beauty and it works like a charm, and doesn't get on clothes, too.


Sally Hansen Airbrush LegsMary Alice's number one beauty tip: Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs to make your legs flawless!


    My number one beauty tip to get yourself glamorous for the holidays is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips because during the holidays none of us have time to go get a manicure or wait for our nails to dry and these Salon Effects nail polish strips you literally peel, press on, file and you're good to go. I carry them in my purse so if my nails are looking bad and I have to go from work to a holiday cocktail party; they come in lots of shades and prints and patterns, and they have this fantastic limited edition collection of fun plaids and snowflake prints and some crazy kooky prints, that if you're really fashion forward you can have fun with. They're also great stocking stuffers."


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail PolishSally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips are perfect for the holidays and make great stocking stuffers!


Mary Alice Stephenson: "Shoes! Do you love shoes, like I do?"

Candace Rose: Oh my gosh. Don't get me started!

Mary Alice Stephenson: "I know, right? I could tell, you seem like you're a shoe girl. Literally like the stilettos we've seen all over the runways and fashion magazines, they look great but how can you get anything done in them? Like they're definitely not made for Christmas shopping. So, flats, the shoe; the flat of the season is the pajama slipper. Now this is actually kind of funny. I find it great that a slipper that looks like something Hugh Hefner would wear is now the most fashion forward flat out there. We saw Kate Moss wearing it, a lot of superstars, actresses. I found these at Topshop, they were $50; they're velvet but you can also get them at H&M; they're really at a lot of fashion forward retailers. They are really comfortable, really fun and easy to go shopping in. I love that our feet get a break."


Topshop pajama shoe velvet Mary Alice Stephenson Celebrity StylistShoe trend of the season: Pajama slippers! This particular pair is available at Topshop in velvet.

Candace Rose: They are definitely on my list!

Mary Alice Stephenson: "Good! Colorful gloves, but gloves that can stay on when you're making a phone call. The problem here is it gets cold in New York City with all our electronics: our iPhones, our BlackBerries, our iPads. You have to take your gloves of because it doesn't work any other way. I found these great gloves on that have these little sensory shields on them. So literally you can still keep your gloves on and be making a phone call or working on your iPod or iPad, they're great. They're really great."


Sensory Shield Gloves from TalbotsColorful gloves from have sensory shields on them so you can play with your tech gadgets in the cold! How great is that?!


Candace Rose: And how about when it comes to holiday entertaining? How do we get our home ready for the holidays?

Mary Alice Stephenson: "Well, the home is just; I mean there's so many things to do, we have to deal with music, flowers, cooking. Something really funny that I love is the "Butch Bakery Cookbook." So before you start decorating or even if you've decorated all day and you want to have a break, you need to let your man do dessert. The "Butch Bakery Cookbook shows men how to cook cupcakes and those yummy desserts for the holidays with a masculine edge. So it's a great gift, it's really funny and how nice after a crazy day of getting your house holiday ready to have your man cook you a cupcake?"

Candace Rose: That would be perfect!

Mary Alice Stephenson: "What we all need, right?"

Candace Rose: Absolutely.


The Butch Bakery Cookbook"The Butch Bakery Cookbook" makes for a great gift for the guy in your life!


Mary Alice Stephenson: "I also found the Corkcicle which was a really unique gift; good for you to use during a holiday party cause wine, we like it chilled during our holiday parties, so it's great with white or red wine and there's no sloppy ice bucket that you have to use. You literally chill it, then you take the cork off of the wine bottle and then you stick the 'cicle in. It's great looking and it really keeps your wine chilled which is a must if you're having a holiday party."


CorkcicleCorkcicle is great for entertaining as it keeps both red and white wine chilled for guests.


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for your great tips. Where can we go for more information?

Mary Alice Stephenson: "You can log onto to find out about all these great beauty products or you can follow me on twitter: MaryAliceStyle or on facebook: Mary Alice Stephenson to get an inside view into my world of fashion and beauty, and there'll be lots of fun tips there for you."


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