Interview: 2012 Interior Design Trends with Former Bachelorette & Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Designer Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris, most famously of TV’s “The Bachelorette” and current interior designer on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” stopped by recently to share design trends and interior design tips for the new year with the help of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries!

Jillian Harris Extreme Makeover Bachelorette InterviewInterior Designer, Jillian Harris of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Image courtesy of

Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest home design trends this season?

Jillian Harris: “You know what, I think we’re seeing a lot of design trends this season and I think many of the design trends what we’re seeing are going to carry over into the spring and summer of next year. One of the things we’re talking about a lot and I’m actually in here in New York with La-Z-Boy; we’re doing a really great event here and we’re talking about reminding people that La-Z-Boy furniture gallery isn’t just about the recliner. I mean they still make the recliner, they actually make TONS of recliners which I’ll talk a little to you about that later on; but what they do is really remind us all that our space is personable and we’re able to customize our home and our pieces to suit our personalities, our lifestyles. And I think that’s really the most important as a designer, that’s the very first thing I would say. I’m going to talk about the trends but you’ve got to make sure that when you’re designing your space it speaks to you not just exactly what’s out there and what you’re seeing in the catalog and what you’re seeing trending, so having said that one of the big trends right now is color. I think I’m so excited that we’re introducing color back into our spaces, bringing some personality, some life back into our homes and you can honestly. I know we talked about doing big statement pieces like a sectional or sofa in neutrals but I think if you have a young family, you’ve got some energy and you want to do a teal couch, do a teal couch!

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 6.06.23 PMJillian Harris on set on this great teal couch from La-Z-Boy!

    What I would recommend them is to either hire a designer or use a designer at La-Z-Boy furniture galleries that can help you tailor the rest of your home so that your couch doesn’t stick out in a way that you’re not happy with. So the couch complements everything else in your home, and there’s a great way to do that. Maybe you want a teal side chair or a teal ottoman. I think there’s just so many options to be able to inject that color and that personality into a home and do it in a way so it becomes cohesive.

Jillian Harris Teal Sofa La-Z-Boy Accessories Jillian Harris on set on the great teal couch from La-Z-Boy and the wonderful accessories which complement this lovely space!


     Having said that there’s a few other trends that I’d love to talk about. We’ll talk about sort of a nod back to the Cape Cod sort of look, it’s sort of a preppy look. So we’ve got navies and creams and blues. We’re still using color but it’s a little bit more subdued and maybe we’re not using chartreuse and teal. So I think that’s a great way to go if you love nature, if you love a little bit of that rustic look and west coast look.

  neutral and blue home interior space jillian harrisLa-Z-Boy chairs and accessories in neutrals and blues are great home interior trends this season!

LA-Z-Boy Neutrals and Blues Jillian HarrisA beautiful and calming interior!

    Something else I’m seeing a lot lately is a menswear inspired textures- flame stitch, chevron, checks, plaids, anything that kind of has that smoky cigar lounge look to it. But then we’re pairing it with glamorous side pieces like mirrored side tables and droopy chandeliers. So you know all women are attracted to this look but men feel really comfortable in this room as well.

Menswear texture home interiorA great space women will love and men will appreciate!

Jillian Harris Interior Design Interview Extreme Homemakeover: Home EditionGreat masculine textures such as the flame stitch.

Jillian Harris Former Bachelorette Extreme MakeoverThe antlers add a masculine touch to this feminine living space.

    And then another design trend that’s not going anywhere is creams and greens and light blues, that sort of really calming effect. So I think there’s a few different things we’re seeing out there right now. The biggest thing is don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns and colors, really make it personal. Sometimes going too monochromatic makes a room feel a little bit stiff, so have fun. So take a look: we’ve got here green and chartreuse and teals and browns and we’ve really made this room look really personable.”

Candace Rose: How can simple accents reinvent a room?

Jillian Harris: “I think reinventing a room is super easy. Again, it would be great if everybody could hire an interior designer but starting out by going to La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, they have designers that will come into your space. So do a little bit of a cleanse on your space, clean it all out, get rid of the clutter- use baskets, use storage solutions, bring in a designer and have them take a look at what you have, that you currently own that you don’t need to get rid of and then what else you can bring in to reinvent it. So maybe with some really cool side tables, some really great table lamps and some accessories. It might be just bringing in a few throw pillows or even a new ottoman or a new rug. Sometimes just accenting pieces, changing things around and like I said, it sounds really easy but just doing a really good cleanse in a space and getting rid of some of that clutter.”

jillian harris extreme makeover: home editionA stunning space courtesy of Jillian Harris and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jillian Harris: “Going onto I think they’ve got the resources there where you can actually choose your piece of furniture, render it online, see what it’s going to look like and put it in a space. I think it’s really important for people to use the web as an online resource to design their space ahead of time and that way if you’re making a big purchase like a teal sectional you know exactly what you’re getting into. Take your time and honestly just use your personality, think about what makes you tick, where you’re from, what you’re passionate about and really inject that into your space.”



  1. January 12, 2012 / 6:46 pm

    I also want some make over on my home because I want new look on my interior design and I want it looks more attractive.

  2. February 21, 2012 / 4:02 am

    Normally it is very difficult for traditional and contemporary style to merge together. But this decor is done so well that you can hardly make out the line between those two. Keep posting!


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