Interview: Top Chef Finalist & NYC Executive Chef Sam Talbot on His New Cookbook The Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries

New York City executive chef, Sam Talbot, most famously of Bravo’s “Top Chef” (season 2) stopped by to share his journey with type 1 diabetes and discuss his new cookbook “The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries where he not only shares delicious healthy recipes for diabetes sufferers but offers lifestyle changes and tips for those suffering with the disease and those looking to eat healthier!



Sam Talbot Top ChefChef Sam Talbot discussing his new cookbook “The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries”





Candace Rose: Can you tell us about your new book “The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries”?

Sam Talbot: “Sure. So you know basically the book goes into a lot of different categories from recipes and lifestyle; but you know there’s 26 million people living with diabetes and a lot of them tend to think that the food out there that is readily available to them can be bland or boring or not exciting and just not flavorful; and this book puts that whole sore of mentality to rest. The philosophy is just cook nice which just means cooking mindful ingredients that are heart healthy, fresh and natural.”


Candace Rose: What advice do you offer diabetics in the book?

Sam Talbot: “You know the main advice that I could give for people reading this book is that you have to check your blood sugar. You have to know what your blood sugar is to be able to tackle the days chores because whether you’re a lawyer or a doctor, a surfer, a writer- if you’re living diabetes you have to be able to get your results and then trust your results, right? So what I do is I use my OneTouch UltraMini meter. It comes in purple which is my favorite color; it’s sleek, it’s fast. It fits right into your pocket and then you can have the knowledge and the power to get through your day.”



Sam Talbot One Touch UltraSam testing his blood sugar with his OneTouch UltraMini

One Touch Ultra MiniSam’s OneTouch UltraMini Purple Monitor


Candace Rose: How does food affect your blood sugar?

Sam Talbot: “Oh my gosh, it affects it in the body’s blood sugar and what goes into your mouth is a direct correlation. So there’s tons of foods you need to be staying away from like the white processed sugars and the white processed flours. This book is filled with the alternatives to both of those and how to get these really flavorful recipes and still eating the same things that you might have grown up on. To know and to love something like clam chowder for instance where it’s not the healthiest thing that you can eat but with a few modern tweaks that are in the book, it becomes a table favorite.”


The Sweet Life Sam TalbotOne of many delicious healthy favorites in Talbot’s new book “The Sweet Life.”


Candace Rose: As you mentioned there are 26 million Americans living with diabetes and 7 million of them are undiagnosed. What can we do to lower our risk of contracting diabetes especially those of us with a family history of the disease, like myself?

Sam Talbot: “Sure. So you know what I can recommend for you or those like yourself that you have to (if there’s a lifestyle change that is needed) I would really advise doing so whether it’s being more active outside or again just staying away from those processed foods- the foods that come in cans or the sodas. For me I drink a lot of water; I exercise regularly and I eat natural and fresh, so those would.”


Candace Rose: The holidays can be really rough, especially for diabetics with all the sweets and fattening foods at parties. What can they do to make it easier on themselves?

Sam Talbot: “Well, you know for example with the holiday season coming up and there’s driving to family’s homes or there’s drinking involved and there’s a lot of eating involved. So first off drink responsibly and then when you’re at the party; if you know you’re going to someones house where they love to bake good goods and they love sweets and they love all those things that are just you know, that you can’t have for your own health, you know there’s recipes that you can eat like a light salad or maybe some goji berry granola or something to get your taste buds or to quench your hunger a little bit before you go to that other party where there might be some foods that are just not going to be right for you. So it’s a little premeditative move, methodical when you’re living with diabetes.” 


Candace Rose: And where can we see you next, Sam?

Sam Talbot: “Where can you see me next? Well, you know we have a wonderful facebook page; OneTouch facebook page where you can find out all sorts of recipes, links and videos. There’s my personal website of You know I’m going to keep working on my partnership with OneTouch and keep raising awareness to those who are living with diabetes and are overall for just a healthier lifestyle and to urge the importance of checking your blood sugar.”


Facebook OneTouch Diabetes For more diabetes information please be sure to visit


Thesweetlife-cover Sam Talbot The Sweet Life Diabetes Without Boundaries Type 1 Diabetes Top Chef NYC Executive Chef“The Sweet Life: Diabetes without Boundaries” – available at


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share this morning?

Sam Talbot: “You know, like I said for any more additional information you can go to OneTouch facebook page where it’s just filled with any other information that viewers are looking for.”


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