Interview: Tech Expert Chris Leary’s Winning Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

Can you believe that the holidays are only a month away? If you haven’t started your shopping just yet, no need to worry as tech expert, Chris Leary of has you covered! He stopped by recently to share the must have toys and tech gadgets for kids of all ages! 


Chris Leary Christmas Winning Gifts KidsChris Leary of with the must have toys and gadgets this holiday season!





Candace Rose: What are the must have gifts this holiday season?

Chris Leary: “Well, this holiday season I think I collected what I consider the winners for this holiday season. As a matter of fact I want to start out with something that brings the family together- games. And UNO has been doing that for 40 years; as a matter of fact this is their 40 year anniversary this year and well, UNO is doing it by giving you a digital upgrade with this little fella, it’s from Mattel, his name is UNO Roboto and he’s got a unique personality. He kind of MC’s the game to let you customize and keeps track of all the house rules and believe me he’s an addition to a fun game that makes it just a lot more fun, I really have a good time with him. 


UNO Roboto Chris Leary Tech Expert dailylounge.comUNO Roboto will MC your family game night!


    And speaking of winners like I was saying; recently 13 finalists were competing in the LG Mobiles Text Messaging Challenge – look at those guys going at it (see video) those ladies and guys, it’s incredible how fast they do that and they’re featuring a demo with the LG DoublePlay. This handset has a dual touch screen so more or less you can do facebook on one screen and you can use the split QWERTY keyboard and that lets you reply to texts with the other screen, so it also does it with cloud and group texting, so you can text a group all at the same time. That’s kind of nice.”


LG MobileThe LG DoublePlay Phone is one of Chris Leary’s Winning Holiday Gifts 


TextingThe LG DoublePlay allows you to facebook and text at the same time!

Candace Rose: That is kind of nice.

Chris Leary: “Yes. Tablets are probably big this year and probably high on a lot of peoples lists and we’ve got a great looking one right here, this is really nice- the Blackberry PlayBook. It’s intuitive, very easy to use, it’s ultra portable. It’s got a powerful dual core processor and that allows it to run applications simultaneously so in other words you can play the latest video game and you can watch a movie using the HDMI hookup to your TV. Its also got Blackberry Bridge which lets you see the web and email features of your Blackberry phone without extra cost or adding another plan to your plan more or less.


Blackberry PlaybookBlackberry PlayBook

Blackberry Playbook San Francisco TransAmerica buildingThe beautiful San Francisco skyline on the Blackberry PlayBook


    This is nice, this is the Meon, it’s from Skyrocket toys and its got a top ranking in Disney’s FamilyFun magazine and how it works is the kids just place their picture in the pegboard frame right there and then they weave the plastic light strands and then after they’re done creating and having fun doing that they just push a button and illuminate their creation. Sit back and look at their stuff glow. 


Skyrocket meonWeave the plastic strands to get the Meon to GLOW!

Meon Kids skyrocket toys lightsA boy with his finished Meon Disney Cars creation.

Meon Light Kids disney princessDisney Princess Theme Meon


    This is the BoGo pogo stick from Razor, now if you’re familiar with Razor at all, you know they’re great at reinventing classic toys- they did a great thing with the scooter, now they did something with the pogo stick. As a matter of fact this got an award from Popular Science magazine along with others and they basically took the pogo stick design and added this patented bow spring in front right here and there you go, that’s me doing it (see video) in the comfort of my own studio. I haven’t done it in a while but it’s still fun and the frame is made of aircraft grade aluminium so you know it’s pretty durable. Probably more durable than me you saw doing that. Again, it’s a lot of fun and again the holidays; a lot of people need help and we’re there to help and if you do need any more help you go to”


Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 11.09.30 AMThe BoGo Pogo Stick is ranked as one of the top toys by Popular Science magazine

Candace Rose: Are you seeing any trends in gift giving this season?

Chris Leary: “Yeah, I think the popular things obviously are the tablets. I think that’s the biggest thing I see as far as electronics and technology which I’m into but the same trends every year are you’ve got to know who you’re buying for and personalize gifts because if someone already has a Tablet you don’t want to give them another one. You’ve got to see what they like and then try to adapt to that.”

Candace Rose: They can always give it to me; it’s okay.

Chris Leary: “Me too. I love this thing, it’s great.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Chris Leary: “No, I think I wanted to stick with the winners and that’s what it’s all about. Give some winners for Christmas this year!


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Chris Leary: “That is”





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  1. November 9, 2011 / 7:37 pm

    The LG DoublePlay Phone looks awesome! What a fabulous list of holiday gift ideas for kids. Very techie!

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