Interview: Outerwear Trends for the Whole Family this Winter with Hannah Keeley of Reality TV’s Hannah Help Me

Are you and your family prepared for colder temps, rain and snowfall? Not to worry, Hannah Keeley of the Reality TV series “Hannah Help Me” and mom of seven children has everything you need to keep you and your family safe and warm this winter!


Hannah Keeley of Hannah Help Me Reality TVHannah Keeley of  “Hannah Help Me”






Candace Rose: With winter right around the corner, how can we best prepare before it’s too late?

Hannah Keeley: “Oh you gotta prepare now. A recent survey done by Lands’ End found out that 70% of moms were totally unprepared last year for winter and I was one of them. I was not prepared and then the snow hit Virginia and my teenage son was stuck wearing his older sister’s pink snow boots which you can imagine was pretty traumatizing for him. So it’s important that we prepare now for winter, so go ahead and get everything out that you packed away last winter- hats, gloves, boots, coats- everything. See what fits and what doesn’t and then make a list of the items that you need to replace and when you do replace these items and get new things make sure you’re getting things with good quality construction that are going to hold up even when conditions turn nasty and they’re going to turn nasty.

    Got some great looks to show you here from Lands’ End- Jordan here is wearing a quilted parka, now this down parka; down is always a great option because it keeps you warm but the diamond stitching here holds that down in place, so it’s not going to droop and get that frumpy look that you a lot of times with down coats. Also the belt is such a great idea because you have a stylish look so you’re staying warm but you still look stylish and I really like that option for winter. 


Jordan coat lands' end hannah keeley interview hannah help me down parka down coat candace rose Jordan in the Lands’ End quilted parka


    Also, they have great coats for men. The coat here that Sean is wearing is actually nicknamed the furnace because it keeps you warm in temperatures that drop to 30 degrees below zero which is mighty cold.


Sean Lands' End Hannah Keeley Hannah Help Me Reality TV series Interview Candace Rose Sean in the Lands’ End coat nicknamed the furnace.


    And again when you’re finding things like this and buying new things look for the little details like this zippered pocket on the outside. He’s also got a tiny little slit in his glove where he can actually get on his phone without even taking his gloves off or unzipping his coat. It’s just a great option for men too.


Sean Lands' End Gloves Hannah Keeley Hannah Help MeSean’s Lands’ End gloves allow him to use his phone without having to take his gloves off!


    And moms you’ve got to take sure your kids are ready this year because they’re going to want to play when the temperature drops. 


Hannah, Charlie and QuinceHannah with Charlie and Quince


    So this coat that Quince is wearing this is a great idea because it’s a 4-in-1 expedition parka- it’s actually a coat, a jacket, a shell and a vest, so you get four items for the price of one. So it’s a great value but again it’s the little details that make the difference like the reflectors on the front and the reflectors on the back. So even if he’s out playing in the cold and it’s getting dark, it’s okay and also a lot of times snow and ice it can get in between your glove and your sleeve but Lands’ End’s thought about everything, it’s got snow guards here so you don’t have that problem which as a mom I love that idea and also as a mom they have a feature I love called the grow along feature, there’s actually a thread inside the sleeve and when you pull out that thread you get another inch and a half of wear, it extends so you can wear it for more than one season which personally I think is a stroke of brilliance.


Quince Lands' End grow along feature Arm JacketQuince’s Lands’ End coat has the grow along feature to allow it to last more than one season.

    I have seven kids- passed Lands’ End coats down all the way down, all the say so you know they have held up year after year after year. And this coat here, this fleece pea coat that Charlie’s wearing; I just love this because you know with fleece it keeps you warm but also moms love it because she’s going to be outside and playing in the snow but a lot of the time there’s mud under the snow and she’s going to get kind of muddy- you can just throw this in the wash, and wash after wash it’s going to  still look sharp like this.


Charlie Lands End Fleece Coat Kids Hannah Keeley Hannah Help MeCharlie’s wearing the uber durable fleece kids coat (machine washable) by Lands’ End.


    So you know, again make sure you’re prepared for this winter. Get yourself and your family prepared. You prepare your home, your car; make sure you are getting your family prepared, check out– options for the whole family.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Hannah Keeley: “Well, you know I just really want to stress that winter can sneak up on you before you know it, so you’ve got to get prepared now. Don’t be stuck and the first snow comes down and then you’re trying to make it out of the driveway to go to the store and then there’s nothing left you know; the shelves have all been picked clean- all the boots, gloves, hats, everything. So get ready now.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Hannah Keeley: “You can go to”

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  1. November 10, 2011 / 8:08 am

    That’s real nice and slick. Kids should have always have their jackets ready.
    We may never know when does bad weather happens.

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