Interview: Lifestyle Expert Ereka Vitrini Offers Parenting Tips for New Moms!

Lifestyle expert, media personality and mom of two young children, Ereka Vitrini who gained fame on season one of NBC’s Apprentice, joined me earlier this week to discuss her best tips for new moms. From practical infant clothing to preventing stretch marks, Vitrini has you covered!


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Candace Rose: What can parents do to prepare themselves and their home for the arrival of their new baby?

Ereka Vitrini: “Well, the first think you’re going to want to do is not stress out okay. Make sure that you’re just prepared and I think the key in being prepared is to make sure you have the right wardrobe to keep your little one comfortable and cozy. A staple in an infant wardrobe is the infant body suit. A parent will generally buy about 35 within that first year and it can get really, really expensive. Disney has created a product that I absolutely love, it’s called the Disney cuddly bodysuit. It has two rows of snaps; adds on an extra inch in length to the bodysuit so it literally grows with your baby. It’s so super smart, it’s 100% cotton, it’s really, really soft. It will really make sure that when your baby is fussy that they are at least comfortable which is important. It comes in 100 different styles, all of your Disney favorites. I love it; the only problem is I just wish I had thought of it.”


Disney cuddly bodysuitDisney cuddly bodysuit

Disney Cuddly bodysuitThe Disney cuddly bodysuit has two rows of snaps which adds an extra inch in length. 


Candace Rose: You know many new parents may struggle with finding out what their baby wants. Is there a way of knowing what they want?

Ereka Vitrini: “I think that you need to know what your baby doesn’t know what he needs. When they’re overtired they’ll fight their sleep, when they’re gassy they’ll often act like they’re hungry. The best thing you can do is keep close to your child. Make sure you have a lot of intimate bonding time with your child in those first few weeks so you can start to learn their signals and you have to also sometimes push a routine on them often because they don’t know exactly what they need.”


Candace Rose: And how about when it comes to nutrition?

Ereka Vitrini: “In those first few months it’s either breastfeeding or it’s your formula. You’ll learn really soon if your child has an allergy and if you have any concerns about that go straight to your doctor and perhaps you’ll have to figure out what exactly the issue is but that you’ll have to work out with your doctor. The primary source of nutrition for that first year is either formula or breast milk. At six months is when you’re going to start to introduce solids.”


Candace Rose: Many women suffer from stretch marks after giving birth. Is there a way that this can be prevented or treated?

Ereka Vitrini: “You know what that’s the thing, pregnant women out there you’re all busy shopping for your little ones- take time and up some Bio-Oil, it’s the number one selling stretch mark product in 11 countries for a reason. It contains purcellin oil which helps your skin not only absorb but store moisture which maximizes on the elasticity of your skin so it lets your skin keep up with your growing body and that’s really important. I love this product. It smells good, it feels good. It doesn’t have any of that tacky residue that some of the other products have. I’m a big fan, big fan. And start using it when you just start to show and continue using it even afterwards. I still use just because I think it’s a great moisturizer.”


Bio-Oil Purcellin Oil Ereka Vitrini New Moms Pregnancy Stretch Marks Prevent Treat Interview Candace RoseBio-Oil is the number one selling product for preventing and treating stretch marks in 11 countries!


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Ereka Vitrini: “I do. On the safety side make sure that you’re CPR trained. Do that before the baby arrives and if you’d like you can go to Consumer Product Safety Commission and the USFDA and sign up for their email alerts. They’ll let you know when there’s a recall whether it be a drug or a toy or an item of clothing that could potentially be hazardous for your child.”


Candace Rose: And where can we go for more information?

Ereka Vitrini: “You can go to”


Candace Rose: And how about for those who’d like more information on you- where can they see you next?

Ereka Vitrini: “You can go to ErekaVitrini.TV and I’m always posting my appearances and sort of what’s going on in my life.”



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