Interview: Hot Holiday Gifts with TV Host and Entrepreneur Danielle Knox

Tis the season for shopping, gift giving and receiving! Were you one of the ones who got their shopping done on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If not, never fear, TV host, Danielle Knox has you covered with all the top gifts for everyone on your list this season!!!


Danielle Knox Holiday Gifts 2011Danielle Knox of Lifetime's "The Balancing Act"




Candace Rose: Shopping can be an overwhelming experience, especially during the holiday season. Where do we start?

Danielle Knox: "By not panicking! That's probably the best advice I can give you- don't panic because there really is something out there for everybody and if you make your list and check it twice, you can't go wrong. When you go out into the malls and when you log in to do your holiday shopping."


Candace Rose: What are some of the best buys on a budget, this year? (Please be sure to watch the video above to see all the great things Danielle mentions) 🙂

Danielle Knox: "Well, you know it really depends on what you're looking for but I have to tell you a lot of the things I brought here for you today are really great buys on a budget and that's really why I brought them, because I know a lot of people are conscious about that this year. And I think kids who want the latest and greatest in everything that they see, one of the great hot holiday gifts for kids this year, Candace, is what's based on the hottest holiday movies of the season. So take a look at this cute little guy here, this is Eric and you probably may not recognize him as much as you do his dad, Bumble from the movie "Happy Feet Two". You can actually build your own Eric at the Build-A-Bear Workshop near you. I love Build-A-Bear, my kids love it. We build there quite often. You can build your own Eric and then you can also build your own- look this is Alvin, and this is Brittany from the new holiday movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked" and so you can actually build them as well. And the great thing that I love is that these furry friends actually can be purchased, then you can purchase these furry friends with them, so you can make great stocking stuffers with these little guys that you see here in front. So you can build these three guys back here, you can have these guys as little furry friends. They make great stocking stuffers and knowing my kids they would want it all. Can you imagine seeing all this under the tree? That would look absolutely amazing. They'd love you for life! So that's great, purchasing something hot for the kids. It's economical that you can also base on some on some of the hottest holiday movies, they'll think mom is uber cool, so I love that."


  Build-A-Bear Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip-WreckedBuild-A-Bear Dolls based on the movies "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked" and Eric of "Happy Feet Two"


Candace Rose: You also say that little indulgences go a long way when it comes to gifts. Can you explain?

Danielle Knox: "Absolutely. Little indulgences like chocolate; who doesn't love chocolate? Everybody loves chocolate, right? And Nestle has really done it right this year. Here, check these out, they're terrific little vintage candy tins and they've put a lot of your favorites in them: the Nestle Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, the Baby Ruth and the 100,000 Grand bars; so absolutely terrific for your family, for colleagues, for your work friends- this is really great.


Vintage Candy Tins Paul FrankVintage Hershey Candy Tins!

    The other thing that I happen to love, personally is I love these Wonka Fun Dip Fantastical Fun books and I love these because they have puzzles and games but they also make terrific stocking stuffers as well, so when my kids wake up in th morning and see these they'll be very, very happy.


Wonka Fun Dip Fantastical BookWonka Fun Dip Fantastical Fun Book

     And then for the fun, fashionable person on your list, check this out, this is the Nestle Crunch Paul Frank chocolate bar. This is great, it's designed by designer Paul Frank, himself. Wonder packaging; a great gift for somebody who loves chocolate or who wants to be a little bit fashionable at the same time."


  Paul Frank CandyPaul Frank Hershey Crunch Bar!


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips and tricks for finding small gifts with a big impact?

Danielle Knox: "Yeah, absolutely. I'm so glad you mentioned that because I happen to love Bonefish Grill and I love it for a lot of reasons. I ate there a couple of weekends ago with my husband, it's great to give the gift of a night out. If you're married with kids, it's hard to get out sometimes, so I like to give that gift and also to receive that gift and Bonefish Grill is an award winning restaurant. It was Zagat's 2011 'best overall restaurant' and 'best seafood restaurant' two years in a row and they are doing something amazing this year! Check this out, this what they're doing- so you purchase $100 worth of gift cards in any denomination- $100 worth of gift cards, then this is what you get in return: bonus! You get this $20 bonus card for yourself for free. It doesn't get much better than that because we always talk about it's better to give than to receive, well at Bonefish Grill you can do both. You can give and you can receive. I love this, it's all part of Bonefish Grill's 12 days of happiness, you can go into any Bonefish Grill in your neighborhood and you can pick up these gift cards or you can go online to, so I absolutely love that from Bonefish Grill. And their 'Big Bang Shrimp'- to die for. Love that too!"

Candace Rose: I'll have to try that out!

Danielle Knox: Yep!


Bonefish GrillDelicious menu items courtesy of Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill Gift cardThe $20 Bonus you'll receive when you purchase $100 in gift cards. Visit Bonefish Grill for more information.

Candace Rose: And how about when it comes to picking out clothing for other people?

Danielle Knox: Well, sometimes that can be tricky because you're really not sure of their taste and what they like, but that's why I love Eddie Bauer because their stores have something for everyone. Their clothes are comfortable, they fit all lifestyles so I love them. And then check out their favorite flannels behind me, these are so great year after year. I know I got my husband a few years ago and he still wears them to this day and I have to tell you, it's time to upgrade, so I'll be be upgrading his favorite flannels here, coming up this holiday season. 100% cotton and they do look really, really great.


Eddie Bauer FlannelsEddie Bauer Flannels are a perfect gift for the guy in your life this holiday season!


    And speaking of what's old is new again- look at this original skyliner down jacket behind me- it's back! It's still around celebrating its 75th anniversary. It's got the same diamond pattern that Eddie Bauer created, himself 75 years ago, back in 1936; European goose down, it's very warm; doesn't add bulk. A terrific, terrific gift. 


Eddie Bauer Skyliner 75th anniversary Goose Down CoatEddie Bauer 75th Anniversary Skyliner Goose Down Coat


    And then for the girls on your list- look at this heritage cable vest. Isn't that cute? I love it because you can wear it by itself with a shirt underneath; but imagine putting a little belt around that, how cute is that? That's great for girls.


Eddie Bauer Heritage Cable VestFor the ladies: Eddie Bauer Heritage Cable Vest

    That's great for girls and also the cloud shawl collar sweater that you see right here comes in a lot of different colors- a wonderful gift for girls as well. So that's why I love Eddie Bauer so much because they've got something for the men, for women and for the kids on your list, so you can't go wrong; for more information on that and then for more information on everything that I've talked about here this morning, simply head to the website"


Eddie Bauer Women's Shawl Collar SweaterEddie Bauer's Cloud Shawl Collar Sweater


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