Interview: Holiday Makeup Trends and Beauty Must Haves with Beauty Expert Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot

Beauty expert, Jeannine Morris, most famously of joined me recently to discuss the top drugstore beauty must haves this season for both men and women and number one beauty trend for the holidays!



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Candace Rose: What are the latest beauty finds every girl needs this season?

Jeannine Morris: "Well, first and foremost let's start with our hair because as the winter weather rolls in we are we are all straightening and drying our hair which is leading us to a little bit of damage. I found a  product by Pantene that I really like because it really binds our split ends, it's their split end hair cream. It's the repair cream that I use on dry hair and I just run it through the bottom of my hair and it binds my split ends back together so it looks like I have a fresh haircut every single day. It actually replaces some keratin loss over time and it helps to prevent future split ends from happening. It's a drugstore product, it can be bought under six dollars; but it's best for women who have normal to thick hair, so I recommend using this all winter long to prevent any future damage and also to make sure you have a fresh haircut and a fresh look throughout the holiday season."


Pantene Repair Cream Split EndsPantene Split End Repair helps replace keratin loss and repairs split ends from happening again.


Candace Rose: What about for skincare?

Jeannine Morris: "Skincare- my number one tip throughout the holidays is to make sure you exfoliate; everybody focuses on moisturizing but you want to exfoliate before you moisturize, even your lips. You can exfoliate your lips because that's just an extension of the skin on your face so you want to exfoliate your lips and then moisturize with a really good lip balm. And I have a lip balm that I love, I've been turning to Lypsyl which is a lip balm that has beeswax in it, it's Swedish beeswax which has a creamy, moisturizing texture. And you know how some lip balms just sit on the surface of your skin but they don't really penetrate deeply into it?"

Candace Rose: Oh yeah.

Jeannine Morris: "You've felt that before, probably. Well, this one I feel it penetrates into my skin on my lips because it has like a tingling feeling after I put it on that's very minty and I really like that because I feel it's very effective. It helps to heal chapped lips but it also helps to prevent them from being chapped. And also it's a quirky little packaging, it's like a great stocking stuffer. It has a little bee on the side that you push up as an applicator. I think it's a cute stocking stuffer but it's also a bargain buy- under three dollars at drugstores and it will save your lips this season.


Rembrandt Whitening Rembrandt Whitening Treatment


    And speaking of our mouth, I think something all of us ladies and even men need to do before holiday parties is whitening our teeth. But when we think of that we think of like expensive in-office treatments that we can't always afford, so I found something. You're not going to believe this, it's a $25 whitening kit available at drugstores, it's by Rembrandt and it takes two hours to do, that's it two hours! So it's Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening kit, it's clinically proven to whiten your teeth three shades lighter. So, I don't know if you're a coffee drinker or a red wine drinker, but do you drink any of those things that might stain your teeth?"


Jeannine Morris holidays 2011Jeannine Morris on set!


Candace Rose: Absolutely! That sounds perfect.

Jeannine Morris: "So yeah, I am. I drink coffee all the time and then this lifts those stains and it's cool because it has like these mouth pieces, it's called their 'comfy tray' so you put it in hot water, then you mold it to your specific teeth so you know the bleach is hitting your teeth. It's not like a one size fits all thing, so I use this before a big event, holiday parties; I use it a couple times a year."


Rembrandt Whitening Teeth Comfy TrayRembrandt 2 Hour Teeth Whitening "Comfy Trays" mold to your teeth.


Candace Rose: What are the biggest makeup trends we all need to know about?

Jeannine Morris: "Well, this holiday season it's all about rocking a bold lip. Now I know a lot of women are afraid because they think holiday season means red lip but you don't necessarily need to wear red lipstick if that's not you. If you're not comfortable with it, a bold lip can be any color that suits your skin tone, so right now for this holiday season we're seeing a lot of berry tones, a lot of plums and also even nude. Nude can be a big statement- believe it or not. It's been all over the red carpet, so this holiday the bold lip is the easiest way to put on makeup and transition from like an office party to a cocktail party at night is to throw on a bold lipstick and you're good to go."


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional information or tips information you'd like to share this morning?

Jeannine Morris: "Well, I say for more information you can go to LifeMinute.TV and there's more holiday tips on there and more information about all these fun drugstore finds that I found."


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