Interview: Holiday Jewelry Trends with Elena Kiam Owner & Creative Director of Lia Sophia

Elena Kiam, owner and creative director at Lia Sophia, joined me to discuss the latest celebrity inspired jewelry trends for the holidays! 


Elena Kiam Lia Sophia Interview Holiday Trends Candace RoseElena Kiam, Owner of Lia Sophia, a jewelry company named after her two daughters, Lia and Sophia.




Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest trends we’ll be seeing this holiday season?

Elena Kiam: “Well, we’ve seen some amazing looks from the red carpet this holiday season, mostly around vintage and what I would call traditional with a twist. And we’re fortunate at Lia Sophia because we’re the go to jewelry company for celebrities, so we really have our finger on the pulse in terms of what the top trends are going to be. 


Kirstie Alley Lia Sophia Elena Kiam jewelry interview holiday jewelry trends celebrity candace roseKirstie Alley in gorgeous jewelry at a Lia Sophia event.


Ashlee Simpson Lia Sophia Candace Rose Interview Elena Kiam Holiday Jewelry TrendsThe chic Ashlee Simpson

Kelly Rowland Lia Sophia Elena Kiam Jewelry Holiday Jewelry TrendsThe beautiful Kelly Rowland


Miranda Lambert Jewelry Lia SophiaCountry crooner Miranda Lambert


    So we’ve kind of brought a few together here for you today and they also make great holiday gifts and they’re very affordable. So, the first one we’re seeing is all around black; Gwyneth Paltrow I think wears this trend really well here, she’s a great style icon but it’s this whole notion of combining black with clear crystals, it’s never over the top, it’s always chic and it’s elegant. 


Gwyneth Paltrow Candace Rose Jewelry Lia Sophia Celebrity InterviewGwyneth Paltrow in black and crystal jewelry


    So to get this look at Lia Sophia we have the knock out necklace. We have an armful of glitterati bangles, this is a celebrity favorite which we’ve added the mesh bracelet to; the cocktail hour ring and finally just a really pretty stud earring called the token. This is a great look at any age.


Red dress jewelry 2The Lia Sophia knock out necklace, glitterati bangles and token earrings (cocktail hour ring not shown.)

  Red dress jewelryLia Sophia’s knockout necklace, token earrings and cocktail hour ring (glitterati bangles not shown.)


     The second trend we’re seeing is called feminine with a twist and Amanda Seyfried wears it beautifully; it’s this idea of taking something classic and mixing it up.


Amanda Seyfried Jewelry Candace Rose Elena Kiam Holiday Jewelry Trends Lia SophiaActress, Amanda Seyfried 

Amanda Seyried closeup jewelry lia sophiaAmanda Seyfried looks beautiful in vintage inspired jewelry

    And pearls are huge this season, so Lia Sophia has some fresh designs on how to wear it and be on trend, so to get this look we have the curio necklace, we’ve paired it with the classique bracelet which is a stretch bracelet – really easy to wear, and the beacon stud earring. 


Jewelry Lia SophiaThe Lia Sophia curio necklace, classique bracelet and beacon stud earrings.


    And then we have a third trend which is my favorite- I call ‘factory girl.’ Salma Hayek, I think looks incredible in it with this pendant necklace.


Salma Hayek Celebrity Jewelry Trends Elena Kiam Holiday Jewelry Candace Rose Lia Sophia InterviewThe lovely Salma Hayek 

    But the whole vibe is around distressed, worn in vintagey metal with crystal and you can get this exact same look at Lia Sophia with the deverge pendant necklace. I should add, pendants are huge this season, so you kind of get two trends in one. It looks great with the deverge cocktail ring and the beacon stud earring, and it’s just a look you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt but it also looks great if you want to go to a holiday party. 


Pendant necklace lia sophia holiday jewelry trendsThe Lia Sophia deverge pendant necklace, beacon stud earrings (deverge cocktail ring not shown.)


     And again really affordable pieces and the looks start at $34.00. And finally there’s this quintessential look that everybody kind of wats for and we have it this season; what I call sparkle and shine, Jennifer Garner I think wears it so well. 


Jennifer Garner Candace Rose Lia Sophia Elena Kiam Holiday Jewelry Trends InterviewJennifer Garner in a beautiful black strapless gown and ‘sparkles and shine jewelry!’


        I’m wearing the Lia Sophia version which is this flash necklace; a really pretty stud earring called prism; I love cuffs, so I’m wearing this great cuff named after me- the Elena cuff.


Elena Kiam Jewelry Lia Sophia Interview Candace RoseThe Lia Sophia flash necklace (prism earrings and Elena cuff not shown.)


    And it’s this whole idea of having great pieces that work for day and for night and then finally we have something very near and dear to my heart, it’s something called the Ambition bracelet; where 20% of the proceeds from this bracelet will go to Dress for Success an organization that Lia Sophia is deeply committed to and so by the way is the Style Network, and so we collaborated with Style to create this beautiful capsule collection of seven pieces. But you know when you give the Ambition bracelet that you’re giving something beautiful but you’re also supporting the work of this inspiring organization that’s really changing up the lives of so many women around the work. So those are all great ideas and if you want to see more and just review the styles, just go to and you type in your zip code and you’ll actually be put in touch with one of the 30,000 Lia Sophia sales advisers nationwide; someone near you who can help you look through the styles and also show you other styles and looks that we have.”


  Lia Sophia Ambition Bracelet Style NetworkLia Sophia and the Style Network collaborated to create this beautiful collection. 20% of the proceeds from the Ambition bracelet will go to Dress for Success.


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share this morning?

Elena Kiam: “Well, I would just say that I think that fashion jewelry is the best present you can give either to yourself or to someone because it really does transform a basic outfit and when you don’t want to splurge on ten different outfits you can take something simple like a black dress or something basic and really feel like you’re fresh and you’re on trend and can wear it five different ways, and it’s all about just having the right jewelry.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Elena Kiam: “To”

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