Interview: Holiday Gifts for the Entire Family with Melissa Gerstein of Moms and the City

Award winning journalist, Melissa Gerstein of "Moms and the City" joined me to share the top holiday gifts for babies, teens and parents too!


Melissa Gerstein Moms and the cityMelissa Gerstein of NBC's Moms and the City!




Candace Rose: What are some of the must have gifts for the family?

Melissa Gerstein: "Thank you for having me, I've been working with these companies here and let me tell you I've got some great ideas and great products to share with you. Let's start with the little ones; I have a 10 year old, a 6 year old and a 2 year old, and so this is great for my 2 year old (this is for up to age 2) it's the Discovery music active table. What I love is not only the music but it offers three different languages too and as they grow the table grows with them. You just add the legs and then it stands up and your child can hold on and play with it and in addition to that they have the Discovery kits which comes with a CD, a DVD, flash cards and a board book. And this is also really sweet, "The First Book of Puppies" but what's nice is the sliding doors. No more flaps where they rip or tear and my children unfortunately chewed on them; so that is from the Baby Einstein company.


Baby Einstein giftsGifts from the Baby Einstein company


    But if you have older ones, next I'm going to talk to you about Grease the video game, and you did hear me, that's right Grease is the word! Who doesn't love the music from Grease? This is for Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move but it gets everyone up and off the couch moving, shaking, grooving, dancing. Do you hear the music? Ooh ooh you're the one that I want; really fun.


Grease DanceThe Grease Dance game is a great gift for teens and the entire family to be exact!

GreaseGrease Dance for PlayStation Move and XBOX 360 Kinect


     I'm a very busy mom on the go, so for any busy person out there this is awesome, this is the new Pantech Pocket from Pantech Wireless and it's available through AT&T 4G's network. And look at this big screen, it's terrific! I'm so excited about this is, it's affordable, it's durable and it fits right into your back pocket, your front pocket. Again, Pantech Pocket, it's a great gift for the busy person or someone who wants a bigger screen. 


Pantech PocketPantech Pocket is available at Pantech Wireless and AT&T Wireless


     And last but not least, Sleep Numbers AirFit Adjustable Pillow, and you did here me right, adjustable! So, this is a great gift- look at this dial, it actually can adjust for proper alignment and comfort while you're sleeping; and I need better sleep, I don't know about you out there or your viewers, who doesn't want better sleep? So this is the gift for giving someone a better night sleep. And that's available through their 400 stores nationwide. But for all of these products and for more on what I've talked about to you today, you can find them at which is my site."


sleep numbers airfit adjustable PillowThe Sleep Numbers AirFit Adjustable Pillow!


Candace Rose: Shopping during the holidays can be extremely hectic, do you have any tips to share with viewers?

Melissa Gerstein: "I do. I try to remind myself, and I speak to my friends and family about that it's all about you have to keep in mind that it's all about just the family and getting together, enjoying these special times. So I think inhale, exhale and remember to always also give back to those less fortunate, so just keep it all in perspective."


Candace Rose: Absolutely! And where can we go for more information?

Melissa Gerstein: "Sure,"


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