Interview: Holiday Decor Trends & Must Haves with Sabrina Soto of HGTV

Sabrina Soto of HGTV stopped by recently to share the must have holiday decor trends for your entire home, on a budget!


Sabrina Soto Christmas Interview HGTV Candace Rose Holiday Entertaining DecorSabrina Soto of HGTV with the latest in holiday decor and must haves!




Candace Rose: What are the first steps we need to take when it comes to entertaining this holiday season?

Sabrina Soto: “Well, when it comes to entertaining or decorating, always plan ahead and don’t feel like you have to decorate every space in your home. Just focus on a few key spaces like the entryway, living room and obviously the dining room.”


Sabrina Soto on set Candace Rose InterviewSabrina Soto with the biggest holiday trends and must haves!


Candace Rose: And how do we get started with those?

Sabrina Soto: “Well, in the entryway it’s the first and last place that people see, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated, maybe just a decorative tray with a cocktail to greet your guests right through the front door. And then adding some decorative elements like mercury glass which is a huge trend this season and then when they get into the living room, you want to make this space very cozy- lots of decorative pillows and throws and then deck out your mantel with evergreens, ornaments, wreaths to decorative stockings and then once everybody’s done in the living room; the dining room where everybody has a meal with an inviting tablescape. 


Holiday Drinks Entertaining Sabrina Soto Christmas HGTV Interview Candace RoseA decorative tray adorned with mercury glass and holiday cocktail drinks greets your guest as they walk through the front door! 


Mantel Christmas Sabrina Soto Candace Rose interviewA stunning mantel adorned with an evergreen wreath, beautiful metallic pieces and Christmas stockings!


Poinsettias Sabrina Soto HGTV Christmas Candace Rose InterviewPoinsettias in a gorgeous metallic vase!


    I always recommend that you set the table the night before so it’s one less thing you have to think about; less stress. And a good tip is to use these serving dishes that can be transferred right out of the oven onto the table. This piece is Giada De Laurentiis for Target. It is beautiful and very affordable- something you can use all year round.”


Holiday TablescapeA trendy metallic tablescape 


Sabrina Soto Christmas Giada for Target Candace Rose interview Christmas HolidayA beautiful Giada De Laurentiis platter adds to the lovely tablescape


Candace Rose: What are the latest trends in decor or most popular colors this holiday season?

Sabrina Soto: “I think you’re going to still see a lot of metallics- the matte golds and lots of mercury glass and then just updating more pops of color than the traditional red and green. You’ll see greens in the form of chartreuse or an apple green- something little more bright but really all of these new pieces can be easily incorporated into your existing decor and then for food you know a lot of times you’re going to see these cake pops that are all the rage now and you can actually buy a cake pop maker for about 20 dollars. It’s something super fun and easy for the kids to decorate the night before too and they’re so delicious.”


Bella Cake Pop Maker Target Sabrina Soto Candace Rose interviewThe Bella Cake Pop Maker!


Candace Rose: Oh, they’re the best.

Sabrina Soto: “So good!”


Candace Rose: And how do we decorate with budget friendly decor?

Sabrina Soto: “Again, just incorporating new pieces into your existing decor, not having to buy everything brand new, adding the pops of color and the metallics. The more metallics the better, don’t be afraid to mix and match this year.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Sabrina Soto: “Well, if you need more information or tips, you can visit”


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