Interview: Creating the Perfect Holiday Card with Fashion Expert Jenn Falik and Shutterfly’s Meg Bohnert

With the holidays creeping up on us, have you had a chance to create your family's holiday greeting card this year? If not, no worries as fashion expert, Jenn Falik and Shutterfly's Meg Bohnert have you covered! They joined me this week to discuss ways you can make your family photos pop and the latest trends in holiday card designs!


Meg and Jenn Falik Shutterfly Christmas Holiday Photos CardsShutterfly's Meg Bohnert and Jenn Falik on creating the perfect family holiday card!




Candace Rose: Jenn, do you have any advice when it comes to taking that perfect holiday photo?

Jenn Falik: "The perfect holiday photo really showcases your family's unique personality so I think you want to make sure to capture that in the best way possible. The first decision you have to make is where do you want to take the photo. If you pick outdoors versus indoors your style choices will follow suit, so if outdoors is your choice I love this time of year; dressing the whole family in cozy warm winter sweaters especially in tones of ivory that pops beautifully against fall foliage.


Ivory Turtleneck Holiday PHotosIf you're doing an outdoor shoot be sure to wear ivory as it will make your photos "pop" 


    If you want to do an indoor shot and you want something a little bit more formal- in front of the mantel, next to the tree; that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go head to toe Christmas sweaters, you can tie in holiday colors in a really subtle way to make a maximum impact. Red for example: give mom a red scarf, have dad wear a red bow tie, red accessories for the kids, it still feels festive, it still feels like the holidays but has a little more timeless quality to the photo itself."


Red Accessories Holiday PhotosRed accessories are a festive way to brighten up your indoor photo shoot!


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to picking the card for the photo?

Meg Bohnert: "So inside or outside shots work great, you just want to make sure that you start with that photo to really determine your final design choice. Outside shots happen to be a favorite this time of year and they can be really fun and playful, lots of energy. These photos pair back beautifully with whimsy designs like this real fun Santa Claus. 


Santa Claus Card shutterflyThis black and white photo looks fab paired back with this "whimsy" Santa Claus design!


    For a lot of people that prefer that formal inside shot in front of the mantel or the fireplace rather, you can always go with a classic card, that will work great. But just remember start with the photo and let that really determine the best design to highlight your family's personality."


Candace Rose: Meg, what are the latest trends in card designs this year?

Meg Bohnert: "So, Jenn can speak to some of the fashion things that we're seeing on the runways."

Jenn Falik: "Yeah, I think in fashion and on the runways we're seeing color, color, color- bright, bold. In your holiday photo, that works beautifully. If you want to have a color blocking effect- a bright cobalt sweater on dad, a purple button down on mom. There's a fun way to set that up and then those bright, bold colors that we've seen on the runway and in the fashion magazines have also made their way into stationery. 

Meg Bohnert: "Right, translate right on in so we're seeing brights and bolds all over cards and stationery this holiday season. Shutterfly's loving the 'Merry and Bright' collection and we have some examples to show you today- this first full bleed color type piece that really takes any one good shot and makes it just sensational.


Oh What Fun Photo Bright and Merry Shutterfly 1Oh What Fun – Merry and Bright Collection – Shutterfly

    Then we have this next Chevron stripes paired back with this rainbow color story that really highlight this photo.


Chevron CardsChevron Card – Merry and Bright Collection – Shutterfly

    And last if you can't choose just one photo, you have six that you can incorporate into this design, still maintaining that bright and bold color story, this could be the perfect card for you this holiday season. So if you want to do something that's very high fashion and on trend this holiday season, go with a Merry and Bright card.


Six Photos Cards ShutterflySix photo card design – Merry and Bright – Shutterfly


Candace Rose: And do you both have any additional information you'd like to share this morning?

Jenn Falik: "For more information on creating that perfect family photo, we have a whole downloadable tool kit actually on Log on there and you can find out everything you've ever wanted to know about creating that perfect family photo and an amazing holiday card."

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