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Daphne Brogdon, the hilarious and very insightful mom blogger at and frequent TV host joined me recently to share her best tips for busy moms on the go!


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Candace Rose: What are some tips for making mornings easier, especially for moms on the go?

Daphne Brogdon: "Well, number one is you've got to plan the night before; the kids- you've got to have them lay out the clothes the night before. So you know their favorite shirt- oh well it's dirty? You've got to wash it, whatever or if there's an argument about something they're going to wear, get it done when you still have your brainpower not when you haven't had your cup of coffee and can hardly think, so that's number one.

    Number two is moms need to get up a little bit before everybody else just to have a little time. Maybe 15 minutes makes a big difference because once they're up forget it, it's not about you anymore. Another one is you know you want your kids to have a nice breakfast, not just some quick little sugar rush, so Pillsbury's come up with Egg Scrambles which is a cool thing. It's in the freezer section, you pop in the microwave and has a steam bag so the eggs come out nice and fluffy and they've got meat and cheese and veggies, and I didn't have to worry about dicing and 'now I've gotta clean the cutting board and now I've gotta clean the plans;' it's just done. I can be creative at dinnertime but breakfast it's a little more of a struggle.


Egg Scrambles PillsburyPillsbury Egg Scrambles

    And then also to try to get the kids involved in their own hygiene rituals. For teens acne can be an issue. There's a new product out by the makers of Proactiv called X Out and it's a one step solution so it's much simpler for teens to follow it. So just rub it in, the medication gets in the pores, into the bacteria and moisturizes so mom doesn't have to stand over the kid like 'you're supposed to go for two minutes, twice a day.' There's a funny video, you can link to it; there's a code on the bottle that just syncs up with a smartphone so the kid can watch the daily distraction, the funny video that goes along the same time that they're supposed to be washing their face.


Proactiv X OutProactiv X Out acne treatment for teens

Proactiv X Out Scan Code The Daily DistractionTeens can watch the daily distraction video on their smartphone by scanning the barcode on the bottle!


    And then for my little ones I try to have a different funny character toothbrush everyday so they don't know which character they're going to get that day. If I brush their teeth I make up a story relating to it or you know if they do their teeth themselves, then I try to make a big deal about it 'ooh let me smell your breath, ooh it smells so good.' Lots of positive reinforcements." Brushing Kids Teeth Daphne BrogdonDaphne uses different funny character toothbrushes everyday to get her little ones more excited about brushing their teeth!

Candace Rose: And how should moms plan the night ahead?

Daphne Brogdon: "Well, I think you've gotta make lists. I am a huge checklist junkie because once I've gotten the kids off and I'm ready to sit down and do either my domestic work or my professional work I'm like 'what am I supposed to do?' I mean really it's a total brain fry and then I look and it's like that's right 'I'm supposed to write that, I'm supposed to return that call.' So you've gotta basically set your intention for the day. You know that sounds very highfalutin, like 'today I will think about peace', you know but with basic stuff just what are the few things you want to get through today because sometimes it's hard to get anything done."


Candace Rose: Absolutely. Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share this morning?

Daphne Brogdon: "Well, I love for people to go to and you'll see all the funny videos that I do there that relate to parenting and families and so forth."


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