Interview: Black Friday Technology MUST HAVES with Tech Expert Scott Steinberg

With Black Friday only two days away, Tech expert, Scott Steinberg of joined me this morning to discuss not only the best technology deals on Black Friday but the must have apps you'll need when shopping and whether you should wait for Cyber Monday to make your big purchases online.


Scott Steinberg Tech ExpertTech Expert, Scott Steinberg




Candace Rose: What are the must have items this season?

Scott Steinberg: "Yeah, tons of great gift ideas for the holidays. Right off the bat you can buy a digital camera like the Samsung 16 megapixel MV800. Very cool. The reason the family photographer is going to love this one especially, is that it's the only compact point and shoot with a flip-out screen and has 180 degrees of movement, so what that means in plain english is if you want to take a self portrait or higher low angle shots like you would for kids and pets, you can see what you're doing so it's very convenient, very easy. And you can actually manipulate photos right on the touch screen; super cool- add special effects, filters and this one's going for just $199 for Black Friday which is pretty amazing, especially considering it's lightweight, it's convenient- so a good one for the shutterbug in the family."


Samsung MV800 CameraSamsung 16 megapixel MV800 is going for $199 on Black Friday.

Samsung 16 megapixel mv800 higher low angleThe Samsung 16 megapixel MV800 has a higher low angle for taking pictures of children and pets (fur-children)

Samsung 16 megapixel mp MV800 camera manipulate photosWith the Samsung 16 megapixel MV800 camera it's easy to add special effects and manipulate photos on the touch screen.

Candace Rose: And it's 16 megapixels, correct?

Scott Steinberg: "That's right, you get some pretty high quality shots there and if you're shopping for a smartphone and also want to check out the Samsung Replenish; Sprint, thanks to them you can get it free with a two year contract with a $10 rebate or $10 off your monthly bill which is pretty amazing, if you buy between November 25th and 27th. It's one of four eco-friendly devices that Sprint has. It's actually partially made from recycled plastic, so good for environmentally friendly. It's got a five megapixel camera QWERTY keyboard. It's the latest version of the Android operating system, so easy to see why Sprint was named the third greenest company in America recently and a great gift if you want to go green while saving some green as well."


Samsung Replenish SprintSamsung Replenish from Sprint


Candace Rose: Is it possible to get great tech deals without braving the cold on Black Friday?

Scott Steinberg: "Yeah, well that's the nice part, you can actually download a lot of apps completely free like iSlick, you can get RedLaser which is a barcode scanner that lets you check online prices with local prices. You can also get Black Friday DealFinder or TGI Black Friday that will really tell you store by store or a category of item by item what the best deals are."


Candace Rose: What type of technology are we seeing this year?

Scott Steinberg: "Well, we're seeing all sorts of innovations throughout the home. A lot of connective devices; you're also seeing things becoming smaller, sleeker, operating faster. Of course you have tablet pc's are big but even the kitchen is getting innovation too. Right off the bat there's stuff like Capresso GC100 pump cappuccino and espresso maker, this is pretty crazy. Literally you get the full taste of coffee at home, even does lattes. It can take prepackaged espresso pots and pre-ground coffee; super fast, it's convenient. You get the best of both worlds. It has a stainless steel lined heating system, swivel frother, even a cup heating platform, so if yo pair that with your Capresso grinder you get some pretty cool tech in the kitchen or you can see something like the Genesis soda maker from SodaStream. This is really neat, a lot of people have been buzzing about it. It turns water into soda in 30 seconds flat. You get that whole kit for $100 with dozens of flavors- family loves it, it's the gift that keeps on giving. It's not just fun, it can actually save money because you don't have to lug home all those bottles and cans from the store. Actually if you buy any SodaStream machine on Black Friday they'll give you a $10 rebate- so pretty cool one. The whole family is going to want to gather around."


SodaStream soda maker by genesisGenesis SodaStream soda maker!


Candace Rose: What are some gift recommendations for those who are on a budget?

Scott Steinberg: "Well, you know what's nice- Tablet PC's seem to be the year's hottest gift items but you don't have to spend $500 on one, actually they've knocked the price of the Blackberry Playbook down to $199, so this would be a good example and it's ultra portable, easy to use but it also comes even for that price with a powerful dual-port processor so you can run multiple apps simultaneously. Of course you can download lots of free ones as well to keep within budget and since it can run things multiple, simultaneously, literally you can be playing the latest video game and watching a movie on your HDTV using the HDMI output. And again you know if you pick up smartphones like the Samsung Replenish on the Sprint deal, again you're not paying for the phone itself and you actually get to add functionality. lots of apps that you can download for free or just a dollar."


HDMI Output Blackberry PlaybookPlay the latest videogame or watch your favorite movie with the Blackberry Playbook and HDMI output

Candace Rose: Will there be any great Cyber Monday deals?

Scott Steinberg: "I'm sure there's going to be plenty of Cyber Monday deals but as we've learned in the past Black Friday seems to be D-day when you get the best prices, so if you snooze you lose. I know in the past a lot of people wonder 'hey what about those gift cards, should I be using them or will there be better deals for Christmas and Hanukkah?' 'What happens if I wait until the New Year?' But really Black Friday is the time to shop."


Candace Rose: Where can we find the best deals?

Scott Steinberg: "You can actually find at hints and suggestions, we can even show you where you can get some great deals at local retailers and online."


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    I think the words ‘play’ and ‘book’ are a bit of an odd choice for RIM’s latest attempt at consumer relevance, a tablet that. A serious tablet when compared to the competition running software from Apple and Google.

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