Interview: Simplify Your Daily Routine with Go-To Mom, Kimberley Clayton Blaine


Talk show host and author, Kimberley Clayton Blaine, better known as the "Go-To Mom" of joined me to share simple beauty and fashion tips for moms on the go!



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Candace: Do you have any suggestions for busy moms on the go as to how they can simplify their daily routines? 

Kimberley Clayton Blaine: "Yes, we know moms mornings are not easy, there's a hustle and bustle going around, so you want to simplify that routine and I've got some great mom products to help her out! So one of our favorites is the Schick Intuition; it's the one step shaving process. You don't need any shaving cream at all and in the shower you lather, shave and moisturize in one step and it has aloe and shea butter- perfect to make the morning routine super easy. There's a facebook coupon if you head on over to facebook- $3.00 off."

Candace: What is the link to the facebook page?

KCB: "It's Schick Intuition ("


Candace: How about when it comes to beauty?

KCB: "You know moms don't always have a lot of time to do a full face of makeup and we still want to look good when we head out, so I love the Philosophy lip gloss line. They have a lot of colors and delicious flavors and it's long lasting, super glossy; fits in your purse, your pocket, in your car. And with flavors like mimosa and cinnamon bun, who wouldn't want to wear that in the morning?"


philosophy lip gloss candace rose kimberley clayton blaine amazon.comPhilosophy Daiquiri Lip Shine Lip Gloss –

Candace: How about fashion?

KCB: "Fashion! Well, you know spending a lot of time in the closet picking out an outfit- not such a good idea when we're trying to keep our mornings simple. So if you have your multipurpose boots and we love the Uggs because they're simple and they're comfortable and they look really good with jeans or skirts. This can help make our routine pretty easy and they never go out of style- Uggs. These are the tularosa; they have socks and the socks can be pushed up or pushed down. You can look good heading out as a momma."


Uggs tularosa - ugg australia - kimberley clayton blaine interview candace rose go to mom gotomom.tvUgg Tularosa Boots (with socks attached) – Ugg Australia


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

KCB: "Oh yes, I love this calming skincare line and this is the thing we encourage moms to do to get the kids balanced and calm, and the Disney basq collaboration the 'Small World' line is perfect. It's lavender based and it really brings that sense of calmness in the house before you head out, so we love this skincare item mom can share with her children."


Candace: Where can we go for more information?

KCB: "You can go to for more information on all the products you see here today."



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  1. Xera
    October 13, 2011 / 7:26 am

    Did you know that the Venus Spa Breeze does the same thing as the Schick Intuition but is waayy better!? It has a smaller handle that’s easier to grip and the head flexes so it’s easier to fit into your curves and to travel with. Give it a try!

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