Interview: Planning the Perfect Tailgate Party This Football Season with Marc Silverstein

Former Food Network host, Marc Silverstein knows a thing or two about planning the perfect meal; this time he's here to help us plan the perfect tailgate party this football season! From healthy snacks and beverages to fun, team spirited decor; Marc has everything you need to ensure your party is FAN-TASTIC. I'm just sorry he can't ensure the Dallas Cowboys will be heading to the Super Bowl in February. Darn! 😉

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Candace: What is the first step football fans need to take when planning the perfect tailgate party this season?

Marc Silverstein: "Alright, well the first thing you're gonna talk about- the snacks, right? Tempting, tasty snacks. They're always one of the big highlights of every tailgating party, but guess what? You do not have to feel bad about enjoying yourself this football season and here's why- Baked Naturals cracker chips from Pepperidge Farm. These combine the wholegrain goodness of a cracker with the crispiness of a chip. Not only that, they have 60-65% less fat per serving than the leading potato chip. Great flavors- simply cheddar and simply multigrain each boast 18 grams of wholegrain per serving, so it's a touchdown all the way around. With great flavor, great taste and you know it's less fat, lots of multigrain."


Candace: How about when it comes to beverages?

MS: "Beverages. Alright you want to plenty of beverages. You want the adult beverages, you want juices for the kids. Let's not forget the kids and here's a great idea- you want plenty of water; take the water bottles and stick them in the freezer, right. Get them nice and frozen, take them out for the game and they'll melt during the game. They'll melt during the game, you'll have plenty of great cold water but you can also use it in the cooler to keep everything nice and cool, that way you kind of multitask there.


    Let's talk about being prepared. Just like the football players, you've got to be ready. I cannot recommend enough, you cannot have enough plastic bags and plastic containers. In fact when you go to the store I want you to do this: I want you to look for products that are already in innovative resealable and reusable plastic bags and containers. I've got the cheddar cheese here shredded and some carrot sticks. You can go right from the store to the game and then everybody eats what they want. Whatever you've got leftover you reseal, you put the lid back on and you've got it for later. Of course you put the salsa, the veggies, the chips into the resealable plastic containers. Let's not forget shatter resistant cups and platters. You're standing out there in the parking lot and somebody drops something, it's not a problem. You don't have have anything to clean up and nobody's getting hurt. You take it home; take this all home, you throw it in the dishwasher and get to reuse it for your next tailgating party. And some more great tailgating tips at

    Now, decorating! I know you want to decorate there, Candace, right?"

Candace: I do!

MS: "Alright, let's talk about decorating. I love decorating with this college duct tape brand duct tape. This comes in 39 logos and mascots of your favorite college football teams and there's another 30 solid colors and prints so you can decorate everything. You can show your team spirit on pennants, on megaphones, on your wait- check this out, I'm showing my team spirit on my cap and my outfit. In fact you can win $1,000 just by showing your team spirit. Go to the fanpage on facebook for college duct tape and this is available at participating stores near select universities and at And all these ideas you can find at"


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    Party planning is such a wonderful thing to do. Your mind is busy thinking for new things that you can apply in order to make the party an enjoyable one.

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