Interview: Maxim Magazine’s Patrick Carone with the Latest in Fashion & Grooming for Men

Maxim magazine editor, Patrick Carone stopped by this week to give his take on the latest fashion trends for men this fall, and the must have grooming tools every guy needs (and us girls love to steal)! 


Patrick Carone Maxim Magazine Candace Rose Interview Fall Men Fashion Grooming Patrick Carone, Senior Editor of Maxim Magazine with the latest in fall fashion and grooming!





Candace: What are the grooming must haves that all guys need this fall?

Patrick Carone: “Alright, well, I want to start off talking about shaving because every guy has to deal with shaving and Schick (who always is a real innovator) they have a great new product which is the Schick HYDRO 5 razor and it reduces irritation and it hydrates the skin while you’re shaving and it does through these skin guards. They’re kind of these little protectors that smooth the skin between the blades and it also has a water activated gel that hydrates as you shave, so between those two things you’re really, really getting a wonderful, wonderful shave. It also has a flip trimmer on the other side for more precise trimming, you like by your sideburns or if you’re like me and have a beard and you need to kind of like shape it a little bit; it’s a wonderful thing to have. We love this razor so much that actually we gave it one of our Maxim grooming awards for 2011 for the best handheld razor, so you know we’re totally behind that. You can get it with that packaging only at Walmart and I would also suggest picking up (also from Schick) the HYDRO shave gels which are just made to go with this razor. So between those two things you’re going to have or your guy is going to have probably the best shave of his whole life.”


Schick Hydro Shaver Patrick Carone Interview Candace Rose Maxim magazineSchick Hydro 5 Shaver available at Walmart


Candace: And how about when it comes to fashion and style- what are the latest trends?

PC: “Well, actually one more product I want to mention before fashion was this wonderful from Degree Men, it’s a new stick in their Adrenaline series and it’s called Everest. Now they’re calling it the ultimate piece of adventure here and it helps guys stay at their peak while the adrenaline is pumping and it does this by releasing these extra bursts of fragrance when you sweat so in other words when you are really needing it the most. You know so much like the razor it’s really cool because it’s utilizing technology to give you the best sort of most updated product possible. You’ll be fresh and and you’ll be smelling good all day.”


Degree Men Candace Rose Maxim Magazine Patrick Carone Interview Fall Fashion Grooming 2011Degree Men Adrenaline

Candace: And with fashion?

PC: “Well in terms of fashion, if you see this fella next to me you know it’s kind for fall a return to a classic masculine autumn look, so what that means is a cardigan sweater in an earth tone, corduroy jackets, argyle would be like the way to get a little bit of color in there. Argyle is back. I always like to pair this stuff with a nice dark wash jeans; I think that dark wash is great because you can either dress it up or dress it down. You can go to a nice restaurant or you can just be more casual. And then at the bottom there you see sort of the ankle length leather boots are another great thing to put the whole thing together. If you want to throw on a scarf if it’s really chilly, you can layer it; it’s comfortable, it’s classic and I think girls like and women like it. So, guys should definitely take note of that.”

  Maxim Magazine Argyle Sweater Scarf Courduroy Jacket Fashion Grooming Trends Fall Patrick Carone Interview Candace Rose For more fashion trends for men, be sure and head over to Maxim


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

PC: “No, the only thing I’d say is for any more information about what I’ve talked about here this morning, you can go to which is a great resource, or of course you can go to Besides all the girls and the sports and the humor, we always have got a ton of fashion and grooming information for guys. And pick up the new issue of Maxim; the November issue of Maxim on newsstands now with the beautiful Australian model Jessica Gomes there on the cover, I think you’ll be all set. You’ll be ready for fall!”


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  1. October 28, 2011 / 5:52 am

    I am a female and I always use the Schick hydro! I absolutely love it! I have had it since January… they were giving out free samples for staying at this hotel I was at. I fell in love with the product.

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