Interview: Jodie Watson of Real Simple, Real Life on How to Start a Successful Home Based Business

Have you thought about starting your own home based business or are you one of the 55% who works from a home based office? If so, you’re not alone. Jodie Watson of TLC’s Real Simple, Real Life and successful home business owner stopped by to dish some of her favorite tips on not only starting a home based business, but staying organized and being productive. 


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Candace: What are the first steps we need to take when starting a home based business?

Jodie Watson: “Well, if you’re starting on a shoestring which you may well be, then you want to start with technology, that’s really the place to start. It’s the lifeline of every business and you need to evaluate what you already have and what you need- the very basics are your phone, your computer and obviously internet access, but also look for ways to save. For instance you can consider losing your landline. There are some great deals when you bundle your wireless services together like your cellphone and your internet. Another great example of bundled value is to get an all-in-one printer that copies, scans, faxes and prints. The Epson WorkForce Pro 4530 is one of the worlds fastest automatic two-sided printers and it uses extra large ink cartridges that can save you up to 50% on your printing costs and not only that, it has the Epson Connect feature which allows you to print emails, documents and even photographs to a printer from anywhere in the world.”


Epson WorkForce 4530 Candace Rose Jodie Watson Real Simple, Real Life Interview Organization Home Based Business Office DepotEpson WorkForce 4530 All-In-One Printer – Office Depot


Candace: Do you have any tips when it comes to staying organized and productive while working from home?

JW: “Definitely. It’s good to have the right mindset and to treat your business like a business; so establish regular work hours for yourself so that your clients know that they can rely on you. And another big challenge for home businesses is to get your work station off the dining room table. A clearly defined work area is going to help you be that much more productive and to set up a functional work space start with a desk such as this one from Realspace Magellan Collection. It’s a stylish desk, it has a very large work surface and lots of storage space which can help keep you organized.


Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 12.56.44 PMRealspace Magellan Desk

    And also wherever you work in your home, you’re going to be sitting at your desk for eight hours or more each day; it’s important to get a chair that’s comfortable, that’s going to support your back throughout the day- the Thomasville Style At Work Collection is a line of luxury office chairs at a very affordable price. The Tavelle is one of the chairs in the collection; there are three others and they are easy to assemble and have been accredited by the American Chiropractic Association, so you know that it’s going to be a very comfortable chair. It’s available exclusively along with the desk at Office Depot and you can get more information about all of the products I’ve mentioned at”


Thomasville Style at Work Collection Office Depot Tavelle Chair Luxury Jodie Watson Candace Rose InterviewThomasville Style At Work Collection Tavelle Chair


Candace: Do you have any last minute advice for those who may be toying with the idea of starting a home based business?

JW: “Yes, definitely. Sometimes what trips people up is starting their business that they think they need a big staff of employees in order to grow and build a business, but nowadays you can really utilize independent contractors and outsource work at an as needed basis and that way you could even be helping another home business or small business flourish along with your own.”


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information?

JW: “Well, another way to cut costs and savings and to help the environment at the same time is to unplug electric appliances when you’re not using them; you can save up to 25% on your electric bill that way. Recycling paper can save you money, joining rewards programs and shopping sales when you’re stocking up on your office supplies are all great ways to just keep your budget manageable and have all the resources going towards your business in the best way possible.”


Candace: Where can we go for more information?

JW: “You can go to and for more tips, also, you can go to”


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