Interview: Healthy Meals & Desserts with Dietitian Robyn Flipse


Robyn Flipse Dietitian Skinny Cow Candace Rose Molly Shannon Dietitian, Robyn Flipse shares new healthy dinner and dessert ideas for fall!


Candace: With fall officially here, what can we do to eat healthier?

Robyn Flipse: “It’s actually important every season of the year to start with the best ingredients we can for a healthy diet but it’s also important what we do with those ingredients or how we prepare them, and that’s why I love the T-Fal Actifry multi-cooker. It’s an appliance you can have in your kitchen that uses new technology of hot air circulating around the food and a paddle inside that stirs it so you can create really healthy versions of the foods you love that might have been made in a frying pan or a skillet that use a lot of oil. This requires very little oil so it cooks quickly and it preserves the natural flavors and the nutrients in food. I’ll give you a couple of examples- I’ve got turkey strips with three colored peppers that would typically be a stir-fry you’d do in a frying pan and it comes out crispy, delicious and flavorful in just 15 to 20 minutes. I also made a crunchy granola that takes only 7 minutes to make, and probably one of the best things you can make in the Actifry are french fries. But again with very little oil; crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. So, this is an appliance that helps take all the natural goodness in food and keep it there, but delivering taste that your family will love and it’s really easy because you just open the container, put the food in and if oil is needed they provide a valuable measuring tool to do it properly, then you get to push two buttons- the on button and the timer and that’s really all it takes. And then to clean it you do the same thing but in reverse: you take off the lid, take out the paddle and the pan and put them in the dishwasher and push that button, and let it do the cleaning. And you can buy this T-Fal Actifry at Bed Bath and Beyond stores or you can go to the website”


T-fal Actifry Dietitian Robyn Flipse Interview Candace Rose T-Fal Actifry –


Robyn Flipse Dietitian Stir Fry French FriesStir-Fry and French Fries were cooked to perfection in the T-Fal Actifry


Candace: How about those of us with a sweet tooth; how can we make dessert healthy?

RF: “Well, dessert is something most people look forward to and you do not have to skimp on it, you just want to fit it in so that it can become part of the diet when you’re using again some of these better for you ingredients.

    I really am thrilled to see the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamers. They are an all natural dairy creamer from Nestle and they’re made with four simple ingredients that everyone recognizes- they are milk, cream, sugar and natural flavors, and it comes in three flavors everyone loves: caramel, vanilla and sweet cream. But this is a creamer that’s not just for coffee, you can cook and bake with it, so I’ve used some recipes from the website and I made some apple turnovers, I made a pumpkin spice smoothie; but even if you just added it to an everyday cup of coffee it kind of brings it up to cafe style coffee without ruining your diet because it’s only 35 calories and one and a half grams of fat per serving. And again there are wonderful recipes and ideas at the website for using the new Natural Bliss creamer.”


Robyn Flipse Interview Dietitian Candace Rose Skinny Cow CoffeemateDelicious desserts created with Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss-


Candace: Sounds delicious!

RF: “It is! And I have one more suggestion for you to use since we’re coming up on Halloween and people are thinking about candy, there is a campaign afoot from the Skinny Cow candy people to try to rename candy or ‘reclassify’ it so that it moves from that ‘no you can’t’ category into the ‘yes you can’ and they’ve teamed up with the comedian Molly Shannon and she’s promoting this on TV segments to get people to go to the facebook page which is the ‘Skinny Cow US’ ( and submit a suggestion as to how to redefine candy so it can become something we might enjoy without any guilt.

    Skinny Cow’s done their part by launching two new varieties of candy- one is called dreamy dusters and it’s a caramel candy with crunchy bits in it and it’s drenched in either a dark chocolate or milk chocolate. They’re absolutely delicious! The other are called heavenly crisps and they’re thin wafers layered with either a chocolate cream or a peanut butter cream and again, coated with chocolate and both varieties have no more than 120 calories, so I think this does mean that we need a new definition for candy because certainly that can fit into anyones diet, and you can get that great sweet taste of delicious candy and chocolate without too many calories.


Robyn Flipse Interview Molly Shannon Skin Cow US candace rose interview Comedian Molly Shannon is petitioning The Skinny Cow fans on facebook to reclassify the word “candy.” – The Skinny Cow US

    I just want to recap that for people who would like to vote on this Skinny Cow candy renaming, they can go to The Skinny Cow US facebook page, and if they’d like to learn more about this wonderful T-Fal multicooker- go to, and for great suggestions on using the natural bliss, go to”

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