Interview: Halloween 101 with Lifestyle Expert Deb Geigis Berry

Can you believe that Halloween is less than a week away? Crazy, isn’t it?! Lifestyle Expert, Deb Geigis Berry stopped by with everything you need for Halloween, including ways you can win $1,000 just by decorating with duct tape or a chance for your furry best friend to be featured in a pet commercial next year! 


Deb Geigis Berry HalloweenLifestyle Expert, Deb Geigis Berry with her best Halloween tips and treats!


Candace: With Halloween less than a week away, how can we get into the Halloween spirit?

Deb Geigis Berry: “People are major into the spirit this year. I couldn’t believe the statistic, Americans are going to spend more than 6 billion dollars on candy and costumes and decorations, that’s up from last year. But one of the fun things you can do is dress up your pet. This is my little friend Gucci, Candace, and Gucci is modeling a skeleton costume from Martha Stewart Pets Collection which is exclusively available at PetSmart. They have all kinds of costumes, everything from basketball players and dragons to sweet little hats for cats. But after you snap a picture, go to PetSmart’s facebook page, enter a photo contest that’s powered by Greenies. The grand prize winner is going to appear in a 2012 pet commercial.”


Gucci Yorkshire Terrier Dog Halloween Petsmart Photo Contest Deb Geigis Berry Interview Candace RoseAdorable Yorkshire Terrier Gucci in his Skeleton costume by Martha Stewart Pets Collection – exclusively at PetSmart


Petsmart Monster Cute Pet Deb Geigis Berry Interview Candace RoseBe sure to head over to Facebook to enter to win! Image courtesy of


Candace: How cute!

DB: “Isn’t that cute? So there’s another contest I wanted to tell you about as well using duct tape. Duct tape is just amazing when it comes to a resource for making holiday decorations. Look at this broom- this is all made from duct tape; the witch’s hat- all from duct tape.Duck brand has over 30 different patterns and colors in traditional rolls and also sheets and you can use this to decorate pumpkins. When you do so, go to, enter a photo of your finished duct tape pumpkin and you can be the grand prize winner who will get 1,000 bucks.”


Pumpkin Decorated with Duct Tape Candace Rose Deb Geigis Berry Interview Halloween Contest Duck Brand Stickortreat.comBe sure to enter to win $1,000 at


Skeleton Duct TapeHalloween Printed Duck Brand Duct Tape!

Candace: That’s awesome!

DB: “Isn’t that cool?”


Candace: What are some fun and easy snacks kids will enjoy this Halloween?

DB: “My kids and I love Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and we really enjoy making themed treats. We made these little surprise pumpkins over the weekend. The surprise is a piece of chocolate or other candy inside the rice krispie pumpkins and then there’s a little stem on top with a gumdrop but what’s so nice about this is it kind of elongates the fun of the holiday, so it is not just about trick or treating, it’s spending time with kids in the kitchen making memories. All the recipes you see here are available at You can make little bats out of Rice Krispies; the sky’s really the limit.”


Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats Deb Geigis Berry Interview Candace Rose HalloweenYummy SURPRISE Rice Krispie Treats


Candace: How can parents of trick or treaters protect their kids teeth this Halloween?

DB: “Well, it’s interesting because Halloween is a very popular time for emergency visits to Orthodontists from kids who wear traditional metal braces. They might break a wire or a bracket, so what I suggest is if your child is in the market for braces, consider clear invisible aligners like these from Invisalign Teen. They straighten teeth over time just like traditional metal braces but what’s really neat is you can pop them out, eat your treat, brush/floss and then you put them back in. So there’s really no food that’s off limits and if you go to you can get some more information.”


Invisalign braces deb geigis berry interview candace rose halloween candyInvisalign Clear Braces 


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share this morning?

DB: “You can go to, and that’s the number 2 and there’ll be lots of tips for you.”

Candace: Thanks Deb, have a great Halloween!

DB: “You too, Candace, trick or treat!” 

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