Interview: Halloween DIY Tricks with Lifestyle Expert Kelley L. Moore

Lifestyle Expert and Design Guru, Kelley L. Moore joined me recently to share her top Halloween do it yourself (diy) tips, entertaining ideas, and how to get the kids involved!

Kelley L. Moore Interview Candace RoseKelley L. Moore – Image via Kelley L Moore Blog: For the Love of Design

Kelley L. Moore Lifestyle Expert Halloween Design Decor Tips Candace Rose InterviewKelley L. Moore on set with her best diy Halloween tips!


Candace: What are the first steps we need to take to plan a great Halloween party?

Kelley L. Moore: “Well, Candace, I want to say starting by thinking about budget first because I think Halloween is one of the most affordable holidays to decorate for and that’s why I’m really excited to have partnered with Command brand because they’ve got this great product called ‘the metal hook.” And as you can see behind me, I’ve got these brooms that I’ve put and literally I’ve hung them on the hook, tied some ribbon around them and it looks like a piece of contemporary art. So it’s a fun way to decorate and the best part about these hooks is that they’re damage free, so they have a stretch and release technology where you pull off the hook and then you stretch and release and you have no damage to your wall. So the other thing is you can use them double duty because you can use them for Thanksgiving or Christmas to hang your wreath on your front door.”



Witches Brooms Decor Kelley L Moore Command Brand“Witch’s” Brooms as decor!

Candace: What are some diy tricks that anyone can pull off?

KM: “Well, I think, you know a lot of us have kids or nieces and nephews and we want to get them engaged in the decorating process and take some of the work load off of us. If you’re having a party you’re probably thinking about menu too, so what I like to do is take cookie cutters which you know we have a skull and crossbones, pumpkin, a ghost and we’ve cut these sandwiches out so kids can be cutting those out, having a good time while they’re actually taking work off of your plate because they’re getting everything ready for the buffet and they don’t even know it.


Cookie Cutters Pumpkin Witch Skeleton Crossbones Sandwich Kelley L Moore Halloween KidsGet the kids involved with Halloween inspired cookie cutters!

    Another really good diy tip is- candelabras are something I collect and that I love but they can be really expensive, so what I’ve done is take a witches cauldron in the mini size and these are actually used for favors; but what I’ve done is put some black beans inside and then I’ve burned some red wax down them, and then you put a collection of those together to create a vignette on your dining room table or on your mantle.”


Goulish Halloween Candles! Candace Rose Kelley L Moore Interview Halloween DIY Decor Party Entertaining Ideas Goulish Halloween Candles!


Candace: How about when it comes to entertaining? How can we make it less stressful on ourselves?

KM: “Well, I think get people engaged; I have no problem as I’m handing a signature cocktail to somebody as they walk in the door. I have no problem asking them ‘can you take coats?’ ‘Can you help?’ Because it really is; entertaining is a community experience, right?”

Candace: Absolutely.


KM: “Now lets just talk really quickly about table settings, because I think as adults if we want to sit and we want to have a dinner and we want to have a dinner party; setting the table is something that a lot of people really get into. So, I always look for a new way to kind of present the napkin and here I’ve got an orange napkin that I’ve folded and I’ve got instead of a napkin ring, I have a little skeleton that’s holding the napkin. And then I’ve put these little googly eyes that you can put a put a persons name on, slide that right under and there’s the place card; and it has that extra layer of texture to your place setting.”

Candace: What a great idea.


KM: “Thank you. Now I don’t know about you- do you like going to the Goodwill and do the hunting and gathering and picking out treasures?”

Candace: Absolutely. That’s my favorite.

KM: “Isn’t it so much fun?”

Candace: It’s the greatest!

KM: “Well, let me tell you, I’ve found these books and I love to decorate with books because first of all people can flip through them and it’s really interesting. But in this case what I want to do is create an accordion, so what I’ve done is taken an Edgar Allan Poe book and I’ve folded the pages halfway through. Now you can do this while you watch your favorite tv show and it’s kind of a really relaxing experience, really. And then at the end of the day what I have is this accordion book with a cool inside cover, I’ve put some spider webbing over it, a few spiders, put some dark flowers with that and it really creates a vignette that feels like you’re walking into a haunted house.”


Create Accordion out of vintage book Halloween Diy Do it Yourself Kelley L Moore Candace RoseCreate an accordion out of a vintage book!


Candace: I cannot wait to check out this video! It’s the hardest thing being on the phone and hearing all these great ideas and I can just imagine how wonderful they look!

KM: “On well, thank you. Well, I want to tell your readers if they’re interested in more tips they should go to the youtube channel for Command, there they’ll find a video of me with several other tips along with information about their partnership rebuilding with Rebuilding Together, which really is a nonprofit that is helping revitalize the country this Halloween along with Command. And Command has donated $20,000 plus damage free products and I just think it’s a great way to give back and celebrate Halloween at the same time.”


Command Brand Youtube Halloween Tips Decorating Lifestyle Expert Kelley L. Moore Candace Rose InterviewFor more Halloween tips, be sure to head over to

Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share, Kelley?

KM: “Sure. If they want to go to they’ll find my blog and more information; and just to have a really Happy Haunted Halloween!

Candace: Well, thank you so much. Happy Halloween!

KM: “Happy Halloween to you too!”



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