Interview: Fall Boot Trends with Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Celebrity Stylist to the Stars, Cristina Ehrlich on the latest boot trends for fall! From wedges to flat boots, to over the knee and peep toes, Cristina has the must have boots to keep you en vogue this season!

Cristina Ehrlich Candace Rose Interview Screenshot Via Spiga Candace Rose Typepad Boots Fall TrendsCelebrity Stylist, Cristina Ehrlich with the must have boots for fall! Screenshot courtesy of LifeMinute.TV




Candace: What are the latest footwear trends for fall?

Cristina Ehrlich: "Well this fall it is all about the boot and I'm here today with VIA SPIGA to show you some of the top trends for this season. Over here we have our black classic flat boot; its got a little bit of a military vibe which is a trend for fall (shown in video). You can see it's a very elegant and sleep classic looking boot but it just has this really cool grommeting detail on the side.

    Another trend for fall is the wedge. The wedge is not only super comfortable, it's going to give women that little bit of extra comfort; it's got a throwback to the 70's. It's easy, it's out the door. It comes in both gray and black, it's done in suede. I have them on today and they are super, super comfortable.

    Another trend is going to be over the knee. Over here you'll see VIA SPIGA has done this elegant boot in mulberry. I think for women that already have the blacks and the grays and definitely want to buy something new for their wardrobe for fall this might be the boot for you. You can see it has this beautiful patchwork detailing here, it has the seams that sort of angle around the leg. It's going to elongate the leg. It's a great boot to run around in during the daytime and then at the same time if you want a boot that has a little bit more of like a dress up feel to it, I think this is a great boot for fall. interview Candace Rose Via Spiga Phoebe Boot Mulberry Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich Fall Boots 2011 Purple Boots Burgundy Boots SuedeVIA SPIGA – Phoebe OverTheKnee Boots (Mulberry) –

    This is a personal favorite over here, it's got that real classic, sleek, traditional, sexy feel to it. It's leather and then it has this beautiful suede detailing that goes around the top of the leg, also down the sides. This is available in both black and gray. 

    Then over here we have the Ivy. The ankle boot is a big, big trend for fall. This is going to be a little bit of a surprise because it has a peep toe, so it's easily something you can wear during the day and you can wear it to dress up at night. You could wear it alone or you can even pair it with like an opaque stocking. It's really a collection that shows you the versatility; the different styles. There's something here for everyone. You can learn more about the collection on and we are talking about affordable luxury. To be able to buy a beautiful pair of boots for the fall that's $250 to $400 is a steal, so hopefully every woman will find something great to incorporate into her wardrobe and these are really some of the must haves for this season."


Candace: If you were going to make just one boot purchase this fall, which one would you advise women to buy?

CE: "I think it's hard to say because I think it really depends. I know for myself with the lifestyle that I have, I would be most likely to go for something like the wedge. I have a lot of boots already that are flat. The wedge is something I didn't really have and I think be it that I've already been wearing these now and I've worn them in three and four hour increments at a time and they're super comfortable. I like feeling a longer leg. I love the idea that I can wear these with jeans or a skirt.

    I would also say that over here with the Perry, this is also a very, very classic boot for a woman who wants something that she can rely on for many styles from day in and day out. Then for a woman who absolutely refuses to wear a heel, I would go for the Chloe; I would go for the flat. It really depends on your lifestyle, how you get around, what the weather is like; but I do think that boots are definitely one of the most important accessories for fall." Via Spiga Cristina Ehrlich Interview Celebrity Stylist Candace Rose perry boots over the knee suede leather gray black fall 2011 boots accessoriesVIA SPIGA – Perry Boots in Suede and Leather (Granite) – 


Candace: With fall just right around the corner, what are your favorite ways to incorporate boots into our everyday wardrobe?

CE: "Well, I know for myself, I love wearing boots with jeans and leggings during the daytime. I know in the evening when I go out I'm a big fan of wearing long skirts. Sometimes I like wearing maxi skirts that are fuller, other times I wear ones that are very slim fitting. I find for myself that wearing a boot just gives me that extra little sort of feel of sophistication. It feels a little bit more dressed up and I love having a shoe that I can day or night go out on the streets and run around and feel very comfortable."


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

CE: "No, just that I think it'd be really helpful for women to think about what your lifestyle is, how you get around and what is going to be the best investment because I think when we're making these kind of purchases we really want to make the wise choice. So look at your already existing wardrobe, think about what it is that you really wear, you know more and more during the winter months and make something like a boot purchase based on what's going to be realistic to what your real genuine style is."


Candace: Where can we go for more information?

CE: "To" 




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  1. Kia
    October 13, 2011 / 1:44 am

    I like the the low heeled wellie type boots in the first picture. They remind me of Hunter Wellies which i’m crazy into at the moment. Probably my next purchase!

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