Interview: Fall Beauty Tips & Trends with Beauty Expert and Television Correspondent, Stacy Cox


Beauty expert and television correspondent, Stacy Cox stopped by with the latest scoop on the top skincare and beauty trends for fall. If you suffer from eczema, fine lines and wrinkles or short, brittle lashes, look no further as Stacy has everything you need to have you looking and feeling your best this season!


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Candace: With the weather getting cooler, should we switch up our makeup and skincare routines?

Stacy Cox: "Absolutely. I think one of the quickest, easiest things to do is take your lightweight serums and your gel based moisturizers and relegate them to the back of your beauty cabinet and infuse some heavier weight, more nourishing emollient moisturizers. I've been doing my research for this and I was talking with some beauty editors, a couple makeup artists and some celebrities and they were all so enthusiastic and so emphatic about the virtues of Cetaphil (the brand) and I think it's a really good point because there's so many millions of people out there that are suffering from eczema. So Cetaphil came out and is launching two new products this fall called RESTORADERM; it's a conditioning body wash and a moisturizer, and they have high levels of ingredients in them that preserve and restore moisture and they're great for eczema-prone skin. The other thing I thought was impressive is that the products have already landed the National Eczema Association seal of approval. They retail for $14.99 at drugstores nationwide, so they're very abundant and they're easy and accessible for people to get to. And two tips that I thought would be great for everybody this morning- number one: if you love taking hot baths and hot showers which I know feels really good, think about using lukewarm water because that hot water dries out your skin instantly and it's counter to the moisture you're trying to put in your body. When you moisturize do it on damp skin because when your pores are open, the moisturizer has an easier time of penetrating and it makes everything work better, more effectively."


Cetaphil Restoraderm Stacy Cox fall beauty eczema candace rose interview amazon.comCetaphil Restoraderm Moisturizer has the National Eczema Association seal of approval available at


Candace: How about with the harsh elements of fall and winter; how can we protect our skin?

SC: "Okay, it's a good lead in there because one thing I've been looking into is what are the latest anti-aging super-hydrating wonder creams that we all talk about like 'hope in a jar' and 'instant gratification.' Something that's landed on my radar is from Avon Anew and it's their Genics treatment cream. It's patented technology that Avon harnessed to stimulate what's called the 'youth gene', and the youth gene goes in and it makes your skin cells act younger, and when I say younger, Candace, I'm talking up to 10 years younger. And what they're looking at really is a real push  towards instant gratification because when I used it in just that first night, I saw that my skin looked healthier and had a nice radiant glow in the morning. When I stuck with it for three days I noticed my skin felt visibly smoother and when I went to that month mark at the four week mark, my discoloration and some of my unevenness seemed to fade and they say it can do so up to 100%; and fine lines and wrinkles started to diminish as well. It retails for $38 and you can get it at Avon or you can call 1-800-for-Avon and they'll help you get your own Genics treatment cream.

    And then I was going to tell you too that a question I keep getting as we're heading into fall from teens and women is 'how do I make my eyes look bigger and how do I make my eyes pop when I'm not a professional makeup artist?' Well one of my best kept secrets has always been a product that I have right here called RapidLash, it's an eyelash enhancement serum that's gotten a lot of buzz through the years. It really created like a world wide sensation for lash enhancement. It's paraban-free and it's clinically proven, and it coats each strand of your lashes with vitamins and proteins and moisturizers, and it takes these dry, short brittle lashes and turns them into fuller, healthier looking lashes. It's great because you can also use this on your brows, if you, like myself are notorious for over-tweezing; you can put RapidLash on your brows and it'll help there too, and they really stand behind their product. They give you a money back guarantee. It retails for $49.95 and, so it's under $50 and you use it one time at night and give it about 30 days to start seeing results. Strong products!"


Rapidlash stacy cox beauty expert, tv personality candace rose stacy cox interview fall beauty candieanderson.comRapidLash –


Candace: And where can I find that?!

SC: "I know. Give me your address after the segment, I will send one! It's amazing, it's like hope in a tube, so I really like it."

Candace: Definitely, yeah because I am notorious for over-tweezing. I did this summer, they're finally starting to grow back.

SC: "You just have to step back; step away from the tweezers."

Candace: Definitely, I've had to learn that. 


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

SC: "Always. I saved tips for you guys. If your mascara tube- you know you're supposed to throw mascaras out and replenish at the three month mark? Well, nobody pays attention and know when three months hits, so what you do is take a sharpie marker and write on the tube of a mascara when the date is at the three month mark; then you toss it and take a new one and it takes the thinking work out of it for you. And if you want to have a recap of all of this; if you want to know more, you can always surf and that will guide you a little bit more."


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