Interview: Fall Beauty & Hair Tips & Trends with Polly Blitzer of Beauty Blitz

 The fab Polly Blitzer of Beauty Blitz joined me recently to share her “fab four” beauty products for fall, makeup trends for the season and the latest hair trends everyone in Hollywood is sporting! 


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Candace: With the seasons changing soon, what are the biggest beauty must haves that will take you from fall into winter?

Polly Blitzer:  “Candace, you always ask the best questions and I’m so thrilled to tell you that my team and I at Beauty Blitz test thousands of products every month to find the best and this season I’m here to give you the fab four for fall that are going to keep you looking gorgeous all season long. The first is geoGirl and this is a relatively new brand but they’re really making a splash. It’s an environmentally friendly brand that has totally recycled packaging; really cute packaging in trendy colors that are sheer formulas, so they’re very easy to wear; they’re super wearable. And then also, even though they have a full cosmetics line, one of my favorite products is a moisturizer and it’s only $6 which is like virtually unheard of in the beauty industry- it’s called the BeGood moisturizer and it has SPF 15 and aloe. It’s non greasy so it’s perfect for under makeup; it doesn’t give you that oil slick and you can get it at

BG BeGood Moisturizer Polly Blitzer Beauty Blitz interview Candace RoseBe Good Moisturizer – geoGiRL

    But then speaking of skin, I always love to find foundations that can even out the skin tone, get rid of blemishes, make you feel younger, make you look better, make you feel great about yourself but that don’t look like you’re wearing makeup because who wants to give away their secrets that they put makeup on unless it’s a deliberate made up look? But for their skin- pancake makeup is like a grandma’s decades ago look and we want something that’s totally, purely natural so Avon is a category leader in the beauty space and they always innovate and come up with revolutionary things and this foundation they just came out with that I’m about to tell you about is four years in the making; it’s Avon’s ideal flawless and invisible coverage foundation. It also has SPF 15 but it has skin matching pigments that give you undetectable coverage, so what I mean by that is you blend it in, you all of a sudden look amazing like your airbrushed in person but you know it’s 100% natural looking, so no one will be any of the wiser that you put on makeup, but you’ll just feel and look great. And the plot thicken, it’s only $11 at; so it’s affordable and I’m a huge, huge, huge fan.

    But then the next thing, Candace, is men and women. When it comes to grooming we really need to make sure we don’t get chapped lips; the humidity is taking a dip, the temperature is taking a dip and once you get chapped lips it’s so painful. They’re so annoying; your lipstick and lip gloss don’t look good and they’re just hard to kind of reverse, so protection is key. I always say ‘an ounce of beauty prevention is worth a pound of gorgeous.’ So this is Lypsyl lip balm and it’s made with pure Swedish beeswax, it’s an import from Sweden. It’s relatively new to this scene in the United States but this company’s been doing lip care in Sweden for 100 years, so they really know what they’re doing. It has a really creamy finish, it’s not shiny so guys won’t feel like they are wearing lip gloss and it has like a minty tingle, so you know it’s doing its work; it’s healing, it’s protecting. It feels great, it’s under $3 for each so get a bunch- keep one on the bedside, one on the vanity, one in your purse, one in your gym bag and you will have beautifully kissable, soft gorgeous lips all season long. It’s available at drugstores everywhere for under $3 each, I love it.” 


Lypsyl Lip Moisturizer Lip Balm Polly Blitzer Fall Beauty Makeup Trends Interview Candace RoseLypsyl LypMoisturizer Lip Balm – Google Products


Candace: I’ve tried it, it’s the best!

PB: “Oh cool! I’m so glad you like it and isn’t the packaging so cute with the little bee?”

Candace: Oh yeah, it’s best; I love it!

PB: “Amazing! And then last but not least, Candace, is Korres which is a brand that I’ve been keeping my eye on for a few years and what’s interesting is you know over the years as a beauty editor, women always ask about the eye area. It’s the first area of the face to show aging and then once you show signs of aging, it’s hard to get your makeup to sit and not crease and just to look good, so I love this Korres Quercetin & Oak antiageing eye primer. And some people might be like ‘why do I even need something like that?’ Well, this does three-in-one. It’s a corrector, it’s a primer and it’s an anti-ager; so what this means is you put it on and it corrects any kind of like imperfections in the skin tone and it can really show up in your eye area, but then also it lets your makeup sit beautifully so you can put on eyeshadow and it won’t crease, it’ll last a long time; it won’t just vanish and disappear in a couple hours or change and get merky in color. And then also it’s clinically proven to be a natural alternative to Retinol, so it really anti ages that area too and at $21 at Sephora, it’s a really good find especially when it does all those things.”


Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing eye primer concealer and shadow base polly blitzer beauty blitz candace rose interview fall beauty trends tips must havesKorres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye Primer: Concealer/Shadow Base – Sephora


Candace: Speaking of makeup, what are the latest trends we all need to know about?

PB: “Oh, Candace, there are so many great makeup trends, the first is jewel tones! I’m obsessed with sapphires, the emeralds, the rich sort of amethyst colors and then also ruby for the lips and then also the nails. So if you’re kind of timid and want to take a more subtle sort of take on the trend, you can do a subtle sort of tinted layer of brown or black eyeliner and put just a little bit of blue in certain areas or you can do full on like different green smokey eyes or you can just do your nails which is always kind of like a safe not-so-risky way to enter into a colour trend. So I think jewel tones are fun and it’s like lose the cocktail baubles, save and just have jewel tones on your face and you don’t have to spend on all the gems and the jewelry.”


Candace: Definitely. A much cheaper route!

PB: “Much cheaper, much more affordable and you’ll feel gorgeous while you do it.” 


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

PB: “Sure. Let’s see- I think braids, I feel like it’s the ‘braidy bunch’. I feel like every beauty editor I know, all my friends are just raving about braids, there are so many different styles. We’re not talking about like Pippi Longstocking or ‘Little House on the Prarie’, we’re talking about big girl braids; so that could be braiding a simple braid and then ironing it with a flat iron to make it kind of flat or you would pull apart the loops on the side and make it kind of like the messy chic, bohemian deconstructed one; do one on the side;  you can braid along your part, so people are starting to decorate their part it’s like the last frontier of the beauty industry aside from the earlobe. So I say experiment with braids, experiment with some color. What’s the worst that can happen? You end up taking off that lipstick that you weren’t crazy about or undoing the hairstyle and washing your hair? So, I think beauty’s such a fun category, don’t take it too seriously and just have a ball!”


Candace: Where can we go for more information?

PB: “For more information about celebrity tends and how-tos, you can go to”

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