Interview: Beauty Expert Jenn Falik Shares How You Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness

At some point in our lives each one of us has been touched by breast cancer in some way or will be in the future. According to "1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her life and more than 1 in 4 cancers in women are breast cancer." Alarming statistics such as these have led many leading companies and brands throughout the United States to do their part in order  make a difference. With that being said, Beauty expert Jenn Falik was kind enough to join me recently to discuss ways we can support breast cancer awareness in the month of October and how Ulta Beauty and Ford Warriors are making a difference!


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Candace: With October being breast cancer awareness month; can you tell us how brands are doing their part to support the cause?

Jenn Falik: "Brands are doing some really wonderful things all month long to give back to breast cancer which is something that affects 200,000 women in the U.S. Ulta is one example. Ulta Beauty is launching the 'windows of love, donate with a kiss campaign' for a $1 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, you get a kiss that you put in the window of your local Ulta Beauty store. You're entered to win a giant bag of pink beauty products and if you make a $10 donation you can get this great umbrella or you can get this makeup bag.


Breast Cancer Research Foundation Ulta Beauty Donate $1 win a $598 beauty bag jenn falik candace rose interview  Ulta Beauty Windows of Love – Donate $1 in store and enter to win a beauty bag worth $598 – Ulta


    And on October 16th they're doing something that I think is really great- they're having a salon cut-a-thon so you can go to Ulta Beauty stores all over the country, make a $10 donation, 100% of which goes to breast cancer awareness and you'll get a cut, shampoo, a styling- the works. They'll also have makeup demos and skincare demos in store all day from your favorite brands and limited edition products that are only at Ulta for the month of October that give back. So their number one selling moisturizer from Philosophy, the 'hope in a jar', it's great for hydration and tone and texture. That is $38, $5 goes to breast cancer awareness and Stila; if you want to update your makeup bag, they have these great travel palettes and they've done a pink one for the month of October; $14 and $1 goes to the cause, so you can go to to see everything that they've got going on for the month of October to support breast cancer awareness."


Breast Cancer Research Foundation Ulta Windows Of Love Breast Cancer Awareness The Salon Cut-A-Thon $10 Jenn Falik Candace Rose Interview Beauty Products October 16th 2011Support Breast Cancer Awareness at Your Local Ulta Beauty on October 16th for the Annual Cut-A-Thon – Ulta

Candace: And can you tell us about Ford Warriors promotion?

JF: "Yeah, Ford Motor Company is celebrating their 17th year of supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation; they've donated 110 million dollars to date. This time they're collaborating with Jennifer Aniston and Lifetime for the premiere of '5' which is something that was produced by Jennifer Aniston. It's an anthology of five short films that's all about how women are affected by breast cancer and they collaborated with her also in designing the special edition t-shirt that's $20 at 100% of those proceeds go to breast cancer causes and you get a free warriors in pink bandanna with any purchase from their warriors in pink collection. There's things for men, women, kids, the home; all you have to do at checkout is enter the code: pink."


The Special Edition T-Shirt Actress and Producer, Jennifer Aniston designed- 

Jennifer Aniston Warriors in Pink 5 Movie Producer Lifetime Movie Breast Cancer Jenn Falik Beauty Interview October Candace RoseWarriors in Pink – Reach for the Moon Tee –

Ford Warriors in Pink  2011 Scarf Jenn Falik Beauty Expert interview Candace Rose Ford Warriors in Pink 2011 Scarf –

Candace: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

JF: "You can go to or you can go for more info on everything we showed here today."


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