Interview: Decluttering & Customizing Your Closet with Ginny Scott of California Closets

Ginnny Snook Scott, Chief Organization Expert at California Closets based in San Rafael, California, joined me recently to share tips on decluttering our homes, organizing our fall wardrobes, and the latest trends in customized closets!  


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Ginny Snook Scott of California Closets





Candace: What are the first steps we need to take when organizing our homes?

Ginny Snook Scott: "The first is not to see it as a task that you can't accomplish. I think people are so afraid to start because it seems like such a big project to get organized and the secret is not to start with the entire house; pick one specific area that you can get started on, typically the master closet is one that you're wanting to get started on. And with fall coming, it's a great time to think about switching out your wardrobe. Take those flip flops and those tank tops and store them away and start to pull out the sweaters and those warm clothes you're going to be needing shortly."


Candace: How does clutter affect our lives and what are the benefits of clearing it?

GS: "Clutter is enormously stressful. We found that 50% of people feel that clutter and disorganization actually adds to the stress in their lives and one of the things that we find is that the closet is the one place that you start your day and you end your day, and if that's the source of disorganization then you are feeling incredibly stressed on a daily basis. So just starting there and giving yourself places for everything to be found and organized; get things off the floor, create specific areas for different hanging items; it makes the world of difference and it gives you time back in your day because you're not searching for things."


Candace: And how do we get started on that?

GS: "Great question. The first thing to do is probably go to our website, there's some great inspirational galleries where you can get ideas on beautiful systems that can be installed. You can type in your zip code and you can find our local showrooms so you can physically go see our product – and we've got tons of tips on how you can get organized throughout your home."


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Candace: Is it possible to customize a closet on a budget?

GS: "It is. You know everyday we're talking to clients who are so surprised at how affordable having a custom storage solution is. You know we spend hundreds of dollars on boxes and bins and containers that don't work for our specific needs, and having us come out we can actually work with you. Our design consultants will not only measure your space and customize the design to fit the space exactly but they'll be able to talk to you about what you need it to do for you and surprisingly we can work within so many different types of budgets, it's really surprising what can be done."


Candace: What are the latest trends in customized closets?

GS: "Oh gosh, I've been doing this for almost 26 years and I get so excited when I see the new things coming out. Right now one of the things we're seeing is in big walk-in closets, is actually turning it into a live-in space- flat screen TVs so you can watch news while you're getting dressed in the morning, perhaps a coffee maker so you have a cup of coffee, maybe even a wine bar? There's amazing things going into the designs of our closets these days."


Candace: A wine bar could be dangerous!

GS: "Sounds fun, doesn't it?"

Candace: It really does; sign me up!


Candace: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

GS: "Some great tips and tricks- get ready for the fall; look at putting all those summer sports equipment things in boxes because you're probably not going to be accessing them for a while. Make space for those shovels and leaf blowers and the things that you're going to be needing shortly."


Candace: Where can we go for more information?

GS: "Visit"


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