Celebrity Interview: Celebrity Chef & Restaurant Owner Fabio Viviani


Celebrity Chef and Restaurant owner, Fabio Viviani, who many of you will recognize from the reality show "Top Chef" joined me to share his top kitchen secrets on making a great meal in no time flat!

Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani Candace Rose Candieanderson.com interview top chef celebrity chefCelebrity Chef, Fabio Viviani – Image courtesy of Facebook

Candace: What's the secret to creating a great homemade Italian meal?

Fabio Viviani: "There is no secret- it's either you are Italian and you are in Italy or you use principle that are basic for any smart food making maneuver and food choices. For example keep it simple- buy fresh quality ingredients but you know all this does ask for some time, honestly. If you want to make a good meal you've got to spend some time in the kitchen. You know that's the reason why we're here, we are trying to bring the convenience of a restaurant meal when you cannot go out and have a meal in a restaurant, and when you don't have the time to cook for yourself which are two good options. But when you want to have that kind of experience in your home that's what we're here for. We are introducing the new line of Bertolli frozen soups. You know this is a restaurant; this is not like your grandma's soup, this is a restaurant quality, chef driven, good quality restaurant soup in a bag for you ready to go. Every ingredient has integrity, cooked perfectly, seasoned to the maximum; lots of flavor, lots of herbs, spices. Very nutritious, very hearty, filling, fresh tasting meal."


Candace: And how do these soups incorporate traditional Italian flavors?

Fabio Viviani: "Well, you know Italian flavor is the most wide used cuisine in the whole world. You know there is like a simple natural flavor. And look, don't get too hooked up on Italian flavor because good food is good food everywhere. Things like vegetables- tomato, chicken, spinach; it's just a good array of ingredients like I like to say whenever you look at these frozen soups. It looks like a frozen farmers market; you know cut in pieces and put it together for your leisure. You know this is just; it's very convenient and again if you cannot cook your own meal which is the best option, everybody has all the time and just go with this one because we are not raising the bar, we're going to be the bar for what a good meal should be in the next decades. Again we are trying to bring family together, kids a lot of satisfaction in executing good food and a meal for families. You know this can be perfect for like a date night or whenever you're rushing and you're struggling to come up and feed yourself right. Now you can give up bad food because you got a good option right here."


Fabio Viviani Celebrity Chef Candace Rose Interview Bertolli Villa Bertolli Villabertolli.com Soup Frozen SoupBertolli Frozen Soup – Villa Bertolli


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

Fabio Viviani: "I would love to. Make sure that you buy good quality ingredients. You know make it quick, make it sweet. Don't overdo it, don't stress too much. Simple food is like half an hour behind a stove or an hour. Good flavor; simple ingredients. Buy always the best that you can afford. That's a good way to keep your family nice, happy and well fed. You know if you want to know more information about myself, check out my website FabioViviani.com or if you want to know more about this product specifically go on the website VillaBertolli.com. Tonight 8 o'clock (interview was taped) if you have an hour to kill, you can join me for my live view stream session through the Bertolli fan page on facebook."


Candace: Thank you, Fabio. Where will see you next?

Fabio Viviani: "Well, I am currently shooting a web show that will be airing on Yahoo. You can see me there and learn some cooking tips and techniques or just keep updated on my website and you will see what I will have like live demos or appearance in the next month ahead."


Chow-Ciao Yahoo Web Show Candace Rose candieanderson.com Fabio Viviani interview italian food bertolli soupChow Ciao! with Fabio Viviani on Yahoo.com


CiaoChow Ciao Chow Fabio Viviani Interview Candace RoseFabio Viviani's new web show on Yahoo – Ciao Chow 


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