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Consumer Savings Expert, Andrea Woroch, interview candace rose national coupon savings monthIn honor of September being National Coupon month, Consumer savings expert & Media personality, Andrea Woroch joined me to share her top money saving shopping tips for fall! Image via


Candace: With September being National Coupon Month, can you give us some tips when it comes to shopping online with coupons?

Andrea Woroch: "Whether shopping in-store or online, always look for a coupon. More retailers rely on coupons to attract new customers, so chances are that there's a deal available somewhere in cyber space. Search coupon aggregator sites like to find thousands of free shipping codes for popular stores like Kohls, Target and Old Navy. If you come to a retailer's check out page and find a box asking for a promotional code or coupon code, don't skip over it. You are missing out on simple savings. If you are having no luck finding a coupon online, try the retailer's social media site. Shoppers can find exclusive offers delivered via Twitter and Facebook. Otherwise, you can try searching emailing or calling the customer service rep to find out if any coupon codes are available."

Candace: How about at the grocery store or at the pump?

AW: "The Sunday circular is still one of the most popular places to find grocery coupons but more and more shoppers are relying on their smart phones for savings–and why, it's simple and doesn't require any time to clip. CouponSherpa, which offers printable grocery coupons on their website, also features a free mobile coupon app with grocery savings. Additionally, most grocers offer coupons online via the store's website, which can be loaded directly to a loyalty reward card. Simply swipe the card at check out and coupons will be automatically deducted.

Many retailers let you stack coupons, so look for opportunities to use a store coupon along with a manufacturer coupon to double the discount. As well, some grocers offer double or triple coupon days. This means that the supermarket doubles or in some cases triples the value of the coupon for redeeming them on that specific day.

For gas savings, look for special promotions offered through local grocery stores. Whether the grocery chain offers their own gas or they have a partnership with a gas brand like Shell, you may be able to redeem your reward card points for savings at the pump.

Use credit cards that offer grocery and/or gas incentives. Many credit card companies now offer three to five percent in reward points (perhaps cash or travel depending on the type of card you have.)"

Candace: Are there hidden places we should look or places we'd never think to look?

AW: "Look for coupons: 

  • on store receipts (many retailers now promote store discount for taking part in customer service survey online)
  • on the back of ticket stubs (including local events)
  • in magazines
  • social media sites like Twitter and Facebook."

Candace: Apps. on smartphones are all the rage these days; are there certain apps. you recommend when it comes to bargain shopping?

AW: "Cellphire and CouponSherpa have grocery coupon apps.

  • Red Laser is a barcode scanning app. that provides instant price comparison with online stores.
  • Foursquare is a geo-based social media app. that let's users 'check-in' to earn points and badges. Retailers, restaurants and other types of small business establishments (sometimes hotels) offer deals for those who check-in like freebies and coupons.
  • SalesLocator uses your location to find store sales nearby.
  • GasBuddy helps find the cheapest gas based on your location.
  • CheapGas navigates you to the least expensive gas station on your route (great for road trips or driving in unfamiliar areas.)"
Candace: Where can we go for more information?

AW: ""


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