Interview: Beauty Expert Jenn Falik’s Back From The Emmy’s With The TOP Red Carpet Beauty & Hair Trends


Jenn Falik Emmys The Emmys 2011 beauty Hair trendsBeauty Expert, Jenn Falik shares the top red carpet beauty and hair trends from Sunday night's Emmy Awards and how you can recreate them! Image via




Candace: What were some of your favorite looks from Sunday night's Emmys?

Jenn Falik:"I thought that the hair at the Emmys was gorgeous. I was lucky to host an Emmy viewing party with Wella Professional and got to hang out with their celebrity stylists and talk about the hair as we were seeing it. The hot topic of conversation was color- Gretchen Mol with her buttery blond hair; we saw a lot of pastel undertones. Nina Dobrev and Emily Blunt- rich brunettes; they all use Wella Professional styling products for the big night. And you can go to your colorist and ask them to use Wella color. And on a daily basis I think taking care of your hair; all these celebrities know that they need to do it for their hair to look good for those big nights, Wella's Enrich line is great because it's hydrating. It's shampoo, conditioner, treatment are easy to follow and keeps your hair really shiny but still voluminous. Any style that we saw on the red carpet really requires that your hair have volume. The Velvet Amplifier hair primer is also a great final step before you even start styling, it improves how your hair responds to products, and as far as the styles go that we saw; specific styles, Evan Rachel Wood with her edgy finger-wave; she just cut her hair really short, you go to use a product cocktail to get a look like this, really any look that we saw on the red carpet. It's not just one product, it's usually a blend of 3,4,5 that these stylists put together. Sebastian Professional Potion 9 is a great first step, it's lightweight, it's going to keep your hair conditioned and manageable as you style. Then for Evan Rachel Wood's you need a strong hold gel like Gel Forte. It has a little shimmer in it so your hair looks extra healthy. And Professional Shaper Plus+ is a backstage red carpet favorite for that final touch of hairspray before you walk out the door, even for a breezier style like Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter; she had textured tresses. You'll still use a product- Cocktail Potion 9 Lite, then Sebastian Professionals Whip Cream is great for holding those nice waves. Hair spray's still key even if you don't want your hair to look like it's done, and you need to put some hairspray in there to keep the look the way you want it- so you go with the Shaper Lite there. It gives you hold but it still gives you movement and with a look like what Jennifer Carpenter did, movement is key. It's all about swishing your hair around on that red carpet which to really get the full effect."


Candace: What about beauty trends?

JF: "The makeup was really minimal on the red carpet. I think it was such a hot day in LA that no one wanted to pile on the foundation, so skin has to be perfect. And Giuliana Rancic who knows what looks good on the red carpet, as she spends many hours on that red carpet at every award show; she loves DDF's Amplifying Elixir. It's a pre moisturizing treatment with a potent blend of botanicals; use it twice a day, it's going to boost your hydration up to 70%. Use it post cleansing and pre moisturizing. With any skincare regimen, it doesn't matter what other products you use, putting this into your skincare routine will help you to get red carpet ready."


Candace: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

JF: "For more information on Wella products you can follow them on twitter at WellaHairUSA and for more details on all the things we talked about today and all the celeb looks, you can go to LifeMinute.TV."


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