Interview: Fall Home Decor Trends with Elizabeth Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day Magazine

 I recently had the pleasure of catching up once again with Elizabeth Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day magazine and author of Flip! For Decorating, to discuss the latest and greatest trends in home decor just in time for fall. If you’re itching to paint the inside of your home or install new flooring, Elizabeth has everything you need to know about the hottest color trends and accessories this season!

Elizabeth Mayhew Woman's Day Editor-in-Chief, Author Candace Rose Interview candieanderson.comElizabeth Mayhew, Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day magazine with fall home decor tips and trends!


Candace Rose: With fall around the corner, what are some great ways we can update our homes without going over budget?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, as you said fall is coming up, we’re all heading indoors. The easiest most transformative thing you can do is paint your walls, really it’s a lot of fun to do. The hardest part is picking the color and that’s why I love the new HGTV Home Collection by Sherwin Williams. They’ve really taken the guesswork out by putting together these great color palettes.


HGTV Paint Elizabeth Mayhew Interview Candace Rose candieanderson.comHGTV Home Collection Paint by Sherwin Williams

Elizabeth Mayhew Paint Sherwin Williams Candace Rose interview Elizabeth Mayhew candieanderson.comHGTV Home Collection by Sherwin Williams color palettes

There are eight of them and basically just pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Whether you like neutrals or you’re a traditionalist, there’s a color palette for you. You just pick that color and then within it you’ll see an array of colors. The point is the specialist put these together because they all work well together, it means you can paint room to room without making a mistake and everything will look good. The other thing you can do is you can take these palettes with you – go shopping; when you’re buying your sofa, your fabrics, your window treatments. Stick to that color palette and you will not go wrong. To find a retailer closest to you go to and you can find everything. Go into the stores, they will help you with brushes, rollers, everything you need.”


  Walls Sherwin Williams Paint Elizabeth Mayhew Interview Candace Rose

Expressive Plum Sherwin Williams Paint Elizabeth Mayhew Woman's Day interview candieanderson.comSherwin Williams Expressive Plum SW 6271

Expressive Plum Dining Area Elizabeth Mayhew Woman's Day Editor-in-Chief

CR: What would you say are the biggest colors; the hottest trends for fall?

EM: “The hottest trend really is gray. You can see it on the wall behind me (shown above) it’s called “special gray.” The reason gray is such a hot trend is because it really is a neutral. It looks good with everything. Think of like the clothing you would wear- what doesn’t work with charcoal gray or gray flannel pants? Everything! And that’s why it’s such a great neutral because it gives the warmth and gives it depth without being overwhelming.

CR: How about in home accessories?

Em: Home accessories – listen you can never go wrong by putting some throw pillows, changing out a lampshade. Accessories are a great way to go to freshen your rooms and also right now there’s so much on the market that’s very affordable, so you know whether you’re going to Target, Pottery Barn; it’s all there for you.

CR: How can we update the look and feel of our homes in terms of flooring?

EM: “Flooring is really important. If you think about it, it’s the second biggest surface next to your wall surface, so you really want to invest in it and make sure it looks good. Now flooring can get worn which is why area rugs are so great. They’re great to cover either worn out hardwood floors or stained wall to wall floors, but the thing is sometimes you just need to replace it. I love the new HGTV collection for Shaw Floors, they have divided it into four sections. You can get area rugs, wall to wall carpet and you can see- here are both laminates and hardwood floors (shown below). They have both of them, they really have stayed on trend. They know what’s hot. If you’re going to make the investment to input or replace your floors, you need something that’s not only going to be durable but also stand the test of time in terms of its look. Right now what we’re seeing are all really natural tones- natural pine, natural walnut. We’re not seeing like orange and red stains that we saw from decades past. The other thing is there’s this return to authenticity. The hand scraping for example that gives the floor an antique feel, that’s very in right now and then once you put your flooring down of course you can always add area rugs. Area rugs are great because they not only add pattern and help you visually move through a space but they can also really help to align a space, so you can have wall to wall carpet and then still use an area rug on top of it to really set off your seating area. So again you can go to to find the retailer closest to you. The collections are really well done and they are there to help you. Go in get samples, take them home and see what you like.”

Hardwood flooring Elizabeth Mayhew Candace Rose interview candieandersoncom Fall trends in flooring.

Area Rug Hardwood Floor Candace Rose Interview Elizabeth Mayhew Woman's Day“Area rugs are great because they not only add pattern and help you move through a space….”

CR: Well, thank you so much. Do you have any additional information or tips you’d like to share?

EM: “Well, to find more information for everything I talked about you can go to those websites-, or”


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