Interview: Patrick Carone of Maxim Magazine Shares Late Summer Style & Grooming Tips for Guys

It might be mid August, but summer isn't over yet! Patrick Carone, Editor at Maxim magazine has great grooming and fashion tips that'll have guys looking great into fall and winter!  



Patrick Carone Maxim Magazine Editor Candace Rose Interview Patrick Carone of Maxim magazine has all the tips guys need to look great this summer!


Candace Rose: What are the must haves for guys this summer?

Patrick Carone: "Alright, now talking about grooming- I want to talk first about buzz cuts, that's really the hot hairstyle for guys this summer. What's great about them is they're cool, comfortable and they're really obviously maintenance free and three out of four girls are more likely to run their hands through your hair if you have a buzz cut, so that's a very important stat for guys to bear in mind. The thing that's tricky about it though is that sometimes leaves your skin exposed to the sun, so that's where this product comes into play-

Axe Hair Patrick Carone Maxim Magazine Interview Candace Rose
It's from Axe and it's called 'Axe Buzzed Look Cream' with SPF 15, it protects the scalp from UVA and UVB rays while still keeping your hair totally touchable for all of those girls and it's only $6.99. For more info on that you can hit up


    Another great thing, this is just on the shelves now from Schick, it's the 'Schick Xtreme 3 Fitstyle Refresh' disposable razor. They have flexible triple blades and conditioning strips which give you a close comfortable shave. But this is the thing that I love about it- it's got these scented handles that leave you totally refreshed. They really wake you up in the morning, they reinvigorate you because a lot of guys, they mope over to shave and they're half asleep but the scent is a really nice kind of citrusy peppermint thing; totally wakes them right up. And for under 7 bucks it's a really good deal, especially when you see how much razors cost these days.  


Schick Razor Maxim Magazine Patrick Carone interview Candace Rose candieanderson.comSchick scented disposable razors

    Now another thing is 50% of guys have underarm discomfort and itching which is very unfortunate; I've had a problem with that but this is wonderful- Dove Men + Care has come out with this new deodorant/antiperspirant just for guys. Now it works for 48 hours straight and is tough on sweat, so you get all of the odor and wetness protection. But it's all within this nonirritating formula which is key. It comes in different scents or without a scent if that's what you prefer. For more info on that you can also go to facebook and check out Dove Men Care. So in terms of the grooming stuff these really are three things I really wanted to mention. 


Dove for Men Patrick Carone Candace Rose InterviewDove + Care For Men 


    In terms of fashion, you see this handsome gentleman standing next to me- Fashion Patrick Carone Maxim Magazine Candace Rose Interview
this whole outfit is from Old Navy which is a wonderful place to pick up everything. They have really good value and high quality. And for summer though, it's really all about the basics; a basic preppy classic look. Linen shirts are really cool, literally. They breathe very well and they look great. You can wear them like during the day when you're at the office or you can kind of wear them out at night if you're going out for dinner or out for drinks; really looks great. And something that they go very well with; something else that's popular are boat shoes. Now all of us guys at Maxim, all of us have our own pair of boat shoes, they're really comfortable. I actually find them more comfortable than sneakers and again, it's just a total old school preppy look but really perfect for the summer. So I think if you pick up these products and get a nice outfit like this at Old Navy, I really think you'll be in good shape for the summer."


CR: How about for shorts or pants?

PC: "Well, for shorts or pants- jeans of course are always a classic you want like this guy has (shown above) a nice more of a slim fit but of course you know if jeans got a little bit warm for the summer, shorts are totally acceptable. Some people are against shorts for whatever reason but I think if you get a nice pair that complements your sort of build or whatever you could pull it off. Linen pants of course; just talking about linen- this is not sponsored by linen; those breathe too, they're really fun, they're a little bit different. You can wear them with sneakers, you can wear them with shoes, you can wear them with flip flops as sort of a get the whole whatever you really want from them."


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share? 

PC: "No, nothing really particular. I just really wanted to touch on this stuff but you know to sort of get more information, a great website you can go check out is LifeMinute.Tv, they always have lots of information on lifestyle kinds of stuff or you can always go to in addition to all of the girls and the funny business we have a lot of information about style and fashion and things like that for guys. So those are a couple more resources that can help you out."


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