Interview: Polly Blitzer’s Fall Beauty & Grooming Must Haves for Guys & Girls!


Polly Blitzer, founder of Beauty Blitz and former editor at In Style magazine has joined us once again to give her beauty and grooming product favorites and must haves, this time just in time for fall! If your skin is craving moisture or you're looking to try a new "do" for fall, Polly has everything you need and more to have you looking fab this coming season!


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Candace Rose: With fall creeping up on us, what can guys and girls do to look and feel their best this coming season?

Polly Blitzer: "Well, moving from summer into fall guys and girls can do a variety of things to just optimize themselves and kind of like repair any damage from the season and just look stellar for fall. Let's start with the guys, when it comes to guys hair I feel like guys and girls have a totally different vision for how their hair should look and it always ends up being a debate; and I have this debate with my husband all the time. Guys want their hair to be stiff and kind of have a strong hold and like you can't even get a come through it. Girls want to be able to run their fingers through it and have it look natural and soft; so there's always that compromise but you don't need to compromise anymore because Axe came out with this great innovative line called 'Hold+ Touch' styling products and they're three products that give you hold but also give your hair that irresistible kind of touchability, so there's spiking blue for normal hair, there's cream wax for thick hair and there's paved for fine hair. They're so affordable, they're $7 each; my husband's hooked, I'm hooked and you can get more information about them at 


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    But then men and women also need to, we all need to be updating our smile and whitening and brightening it moving into fall because things like red wine and sangria, iced tea, ketchup- all of those summer foods can leave our smiles looking dull and stained and the first thing people notice about you is your smile, so you may as well have it be dazzling. And so the product that I love is Crest 3D White Vivid toothpaste because it's award winning and it can lighten and lift up to 80% of surface stains in just 14 days. You have to brush your teeth anyway, you may as well be whitening it while you're doing so. It has this patented dual action silica system that actually helps it deliver the effective ingredients and makes it better than the other products that I've tried in the whitening category, so I love it. 


crest 3d vivid toothpaste polly blitzer in style magazine beauty blitz candace rose interview amazonCrest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste –


    And if you want to step up your game a little bit more and whiten even further without going to the dentist and splurging on expensive treatments, you can get Crest 3D White Professional Effects White Strips which are just $50 a box, they're so easy to use and you can put them on and nobody will even realize you're wearing them. They're not messy, so I love those too. 


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    And there's one question that a lot of men and women ask me at the end of every summer and it has to do with their skin; they always say 'why does my skin feel so like saggy and I feel older, I feel like I look older, like you think that the summer would replenish you somehow' but they want that tightening and firming effect and it's because you probably have gotten damage to your skin from the ocean, from the sun, from the heat and all the activities that you're doing. So, StriVectin has this TL tightening face serum and it tightens for me better than what I see the dermatologist office do. It's lightweight so you can wear it under your makeup or men can wear it without looking like they're wearing a product and it's clinically proven to tighten and lift in up to eight weeks which is pretty remarkable. They went a step further to have the same thing for the neck area, so they really thought everything through and have something for both areas; $89 each at


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    And then for the body, Olay has Ultra Moisture body wash and Ultra Moisture body lotion and they don't just throw words like that into the product name without at least scrutinizing it and I'll tell you what's so good about it, that does give it ultra moisture, there's a full jar of Olay moisturizer in each of these bottles along with shea butter. When I use them they're so amazing, they smell great, they're only $5 each which feels like a steal, but I have silky hydrated skin from the morning when I use them until the night when I go to sleep; so they actually say 24 moisture on the bottle, I really feel like they do offer that."


  olay ultra moisturizing lotion candace rose polly blitzer interview beauty fallOlay Body Ultra Moisture Body Wash –


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

PB: "You can get more information about these products at LifeMinute.TV and I guess the other tip that I would share is when you're using things like a body was, no matter what it is, I always say to take a lukewarm shower instead of a piping hot one because then you won't lose as much moisture in your skin; and then apply your body lotion within five minutes of getting out of shower- don't like walk around breakfast with your robe on because then your pores won't absorb as much of the hydration as possible and you won't lock in that moisture."


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