Interview: Fall Fashion Trends & Beauty Must Haves with ‘Wear This Toss That,’ Author, Amy Goodman


Amy Goodman Interview Fall Fashion and Beauty Maybelline 40th anniversary 70s inspired clothing Candace Rose candie andersonAmy Goodman, author of "Wear This, Toss That" shares the top beauty and fashion trends for fall!


Candace Rose: What are the biggest finds we'll be seeing this season when it comes to fashion?

Amy Goodman: "Well, the 1970's groovin' style of the summer is extending well into the fall, including vintage floral prints and bright bold colors; fabulous patterns of all different kinds; sheath dresses that are very fitted to the body; polka dots and a longer hemline too that extends down to skirts and dresses. 



 70s inspired floral pattern dress amy goodman wear this toss that author interview candace rose fall beauty fashion candie anderson candieanderson.comBelted floral print 70's inspired dress on the runway

  70s inspired dress Amy Goodman author Wear This Toss That Fall Fashion Trends Candace Rose Interview Candieanderson.comBelted skirt with bold patterned top is perfect for fall!


70s inspired candieanderson interview amy goodman fall fashion beauty trends 2011 White turtlenecks will be seen everywhere this fall (See Below!)


70s inspired sheath dress candace rose interview amy goodman wear this toss that author fall fashion and beauty interview70s inspired sheath dresses are uber popular this season!


70s inspired dresses Amy Goodman Wear This, Toss That Author Fall Fashion Trends Beauty Candace Rose Candieanderson.comPolka dots are a must for fall!


    And the whole 70's inspiration thing is also affecting makeup trends; so the thick defined brow, smokey eyes, really luxurious curls that are wavy in the hair; pouty lips- these are just a number of the trends but one thing that works with whether you want to go ultra glam or a little bit more bohemian chic is a fabulous mascara. So, from Maybelline New York we have their 'Great Lash Mascara.' They were born in 1971, this is the 40th anniversary year for them and they're really kicking it off with a bang using some of my favorite designers- Max Azria, Vivienne Tam and Tracy Reese to pen their own design on the iconic pink and green packaging. This is an exclusive teamed up with Target, so if you have to have it right now because it's only $6.99, you go to; but if you would like to head to the store you've got to wait until this Sunday to pick some up. And as I mentioned this is a limited edition designer collection, so that means once it's gone, it's out forever. If you want to be a part of history , you've got to pick it up now."


Maybelline Target Limited Edition Great Lash Mascara Vivienne Tam Max Azria BCBGMAXAZRIA Tracy Reese Designers Amy Goodman Interview Candace Rose Wear This, Toss That Author Fall Beauty Fashion Interview 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Maybelline Great Lash Mascara's designed by Couture designers, Max Azria, Vivienne Tam and Tracy Reese for


Packaged Maybelline Limited Edition Vivienne Tam Max Azria BCBG Tracy Reese 2011 Amy Goodman Wear This Toss That Interview Fall Beauty Fashion Candace Rose Candieanderson.comClose up of Limited Edition Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


CR: What are other beauty must haves we'll be seeing? 

AG: "Well, the crimson lip; so bright red lips which is really nice because we did see this played up a great deal in the spring and the summer. If you happen to have bought a bright lipstick then, you can wear it well into the fall and that means just putting a little dab on your lips, blending it out with your fingers or a lip brush to soften the look and make it not so harsh on the edges. And to counterbalance that, skip the eyeshadow, skip any other kind of eyeliner; just play up some really luxurious lashes and then you've got the bold lip. You have a great statement eye and that's a classic look. Something else to look for are pink or peach flushed cheeks. Just a gentle flush is all that you need; and for metallic shadows, they're huge like gold and silver and bronze. You can really layer them atop your eye and make it quite glam for even day, but if that seems a little too bold for you, you can just take a gold shadow and do the eyeliner; like using shadow (a gold shadow) as an eyeliner around the eye for truly something that will be eye catching."


CR: Going back to fashion; what are the biggest accessories we'll be seeing?

AG: "The top handle ladylike handbag is one that I adore, it's very feminine; it features a strong bodied bag with a top handle that you usually hold by your hand, that's probably the 'it' bag. Look for accessories like belts and shoes with grommets and studs in them, so it's a little bit rocker chic; that's affecting the accessories. Also, really long necklaces that feature a tassel dangle, you'll see that tassel on nearly everything, not just jewelry but also handbags and shoes as well."


Some Candace Rose FAVS!

Dior Top Handle Ladylike Handbag Amy Goodman Interview Wear This, Toss That Author Candace Rose Candie Anderson Saks Fifth Avenue Fall 70's inspired fashion trends accessories Lady Dior Medium Patent Top Handle Bag Saks.comDior – Lady Dior Medium Patent Top Handle Bag –


Rocker chic studded Gucci sandals!

gucci studded platform sandals black gold studs grommets amy goodman wear this toss that author interview candace rose candie anderson saksfifthavenue.comGucci – Studded Platform Sandals –


Tassel necklace: 

Tassel Necklace Amy Goodman interview fall fashion beauty trends must haves wear this toss that author candace rose Saks Fifth Avenue asks.comABS by Allen Schwartz Jewelry –

CR: Is there one essential item you feel every woman needs in her closet this season?

AG: "I think probably because we saw it down so, so many runways would be the white turtleneck and I don't mean like the thick old school turtleneck that we might have had in the past; a really thin fabric that's very form fitting to the body, that you can then layer under other things like chunky sweaters or poplin jackets, even the biker jackets are really, really great. It's so versatile you can wear it with so many different pieces, so I like  getting a great staple like that, that you can wear throughout the season and keeps you warm at the same time."


CR: How can we incorporate key pieces without investing in a new wardrobe?

AG: "Well, like I said you have to get the staples, so whether it's the white turtleneck or it's a flared jean or the trouser pant is bank! Thank goodness after like years of skinny jeans and skinny pants we're seeing more of a flare at the hemline, so this is really great news for women with curves. It's a great investment piece that's a staple and then to that you just accessorize with seasonal pieces."


Candace Rose Flare Jean Pick!

AG Adriano Goldschmied Belle Petite Flare Jeans Fall Trends 2011 Amy Goodman Interview Wear This Toss That Author candieanderson.comAG  Adriano Goldschmied – Belle Petite Flare Jeans –


CR: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

AG: "For more information you can go to; and don't forget to celebrate your lashes!"


CR: How about more information on you; where can people go to get your tips? 

AG: "Well, for my tips; I'm the author of "Wear This, Toss That," so you can visit that facebook page and I always update with new fashion and beauty tips."


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