Interview: Fall Fashion & Beauty Must Haves with Beauty Expert, Jenn Falik


Jenn Falik TwitterBeauty expert and tv personality, Jenn Falik shares her beauty and fashion must haves for fall! Photo courtesy of twitter –


Candace Rose: What are the latest beauty trends for fall? 

Jenn Falik: "The latest beauty trends for fall all starts with the skin. I think as we transition from summer into fall, your skin can act up a little bit, so I love the Zeno Hot Spot. It's a handheld device, it uses one ingredient- heat to destroy all the bacteria that causes pimples. It's also a great back to school gadget for teens because they don't want to show up on the first day with a break out. It begins to clear pimples in just one hour hour and within 24 hours 90% of the blemish will have completely disappeared. It's quick, it's painless; easy to use, effective and it's under $40 at CVS, Walmart and Target. 


zeno hot spot jenn falik interview candace rose candie anderson fall beauty fashion must havesZeno Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device (Pink) –


    I also happen to love; if anti-aging is more your concern, Physicians Formula has come out with a new line of skincare, it's cosmeceutical skincare. Physicians Formula is known and loved for their makeup but it was originally created by doctors, so skincare is the perfect next step. Everything in the line is under $20 and found exclusively at Walmart. It uses highly effective cutting edge ingredients and they have clinical tests that have show that if you use the products for up to four weeks, you can look six years younger which is always nice. Personal favorite for this time of year is the dark spot corrector and skin brightening treatment because when you're out and about over the summer and in the sun, you may get some dark spots in your skin and you want everything to be even toned because that's what makes a glowing complexion, so that's a great buy. 


physicians formula dark spot corrector jenn falik interview candace rose candace anderson candieanderson fall beauty must haves physicians formulaPhysicians Formula – Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener – Physicians Formula

    When you're easing your skin from summer into fall; and fall is also that big fragrance time, we're reading all these magazines, there all these fragrance stories; so many new fragrances out. You just want a new scent and I absolutely love- Caress body wash has come out with a fine fragrance elixir body washes, they're really sophisticated scents and they were developed by the experts of Givaudan. For anyone in the industry it's like the go-to well known fragrance house that has developed some of the most famous fragrances out there. You can choose from sheer twilight which has black orchid and juniper oil in there or you can go with my personal favorite which is scarlett blossom, that's got like juicy red lychee and patchouli oil in there and they're super hydrating, so not only do they smell amazing and perfect for fall but it's going to leave your skin silky smooth, which is a great way to move into a new season; and all of the new fashions that you're probably very excited to wear. 


CR: And my next question, how about when it comes to fashion?

JF: "When it comes fashion the 70's are still where it's at and the first thing I think of when I think of fall shopping is a new pair of jeans. The denim that you want to on; and August by the way is National denim month, just a good excuse to buy a new pair of jeans. The style to look for is trouser style, dark wash with modern sort of polished take on the 70's bell bottom and we've done it here with a nice floral blouse in some dark colors, and Christa is also wearing a military inspired jacket because you want to be able to layer. This whole look is around $115 at Fashion Bug and, so you really do not need to break the bank to get the seasons biggest trends."


Jenn Falik Interview Candace Rose Candie Anderson fall beauty fashionChrista modeling the latest fashion trends from Fashion Bug.


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

JF: "If you want more info on everything we've talked about here today, you can go to LifeMinute.TV and happy shopping!"


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