Interview: Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Award Winners with Beauty Editor, Katie Becker

Katie Becker Prevention Magazine Beauty Editor Defy Your Age Beauty Awards Candace Rose Interview Candace Anderson Candie Anderson candieanderson.comKatie Becker, Beauty Editor at Prevention magazine shares the winners of Prevention's annual Defy Your Age Beauty Awards. 


Candace Rose: How can women achieve a healthy, youthful glow?

Katie Becker: "Women want to use products that help make their skin look younger by reducing brown spots and wrinkles. Prevention's the authority on defying your age, so we found products that scientifically are proven to do this for women. So that includes for example, L'Oreal's day cream that we have here with an SPF 30, because it contains ingredients that are not only protecting your skin against sun damage but they're also helping reverse some of the past damage by using ingredients like peptides that give your skin back that sort of springy full look."


Loreal defy your age beauty awards interview katie becker candace rose prevention magazine L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Day Lotion SPF 30 – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards

CR: At what age do you suggest women start using anti-aging products?

KB: "You're never too old to start using anti-aging products but especially with an SPF, you want to start using it as early as you can. For younger people you want to, make sure it's approved by your doctor; but for women who want to just start using SPF as soon as you can and any sort of night treatment, that's going to help reduce sun damage. For example Origins Plantscription is a night treatment that works a lot like a retinoid or a retinol. You may have heard of these ingredients before, they're some of the best anti-agers, but some women find them a little bit irritating. The great thing about this new product from Origins is that it gives you those benefits without some of the irritation, so this is a great nightly treatment for women to start using at any age."


Origins-anti-aging-serum-0811-410x290 katie becker beauty editor interview prevention magazine candace rose candie anderson Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards

CR: Can you reveal the 12 must have products that received the Defy Your Age seal and how the winners were determined?

KB: "Absolutely. We've got L'Oreal and Origins which we've spoken about. We've got the Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase eye cream that's only $28 and uses moisturizers and extracts to reduce the crows feet lines around your eyes.


Candace Rose Interview, KaLewinn-anti-wrincle-eye-cream-0811-410x290 Katie Becker, Prevention Magazine Defy your age beauty awards,,, candie andersonDr. LeWinn by Kinerase Lift & Resculpt Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards


    We also have Blistex lip protection with an SPF that uses hyaluronic acid which is a moisturizer to attract water to the lips, making them fuller but also has that SPF protection so you're keeping your lips looking fuller and more youthful for longer. 


katie becker, prevention magazine, interview, defy your age beauty awards candacerose, candieanderson.comBlistex-lip-protection-0811-410x290 Blistex Five Star Lip Protection SPF 30 – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards


    We also have Super by Perricone's body toning serum that won a defy your age beauty award because it contains ingredients for your body's skin that are normally used only on your face, so we're talking about glycolic acid and polyphenols; and testers who used these products, these were all tested on real women, found that it reduced the number of brown spots on their skin, the wrinkles on their skin and also left a little bit of a firming affect which is wonderful because a lot of women neglect the area below their chin.


Candace Rose, Super By Dr. Perricone, Interview, Katie Becker, Prevention Magazine, Defy Your Age Beauty Awards, Superhero-body-0811-410x290 Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Superhero Body Sculpting Serum – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards

     Also, by using a hand product – for example this Avon Anew SPF 15, you can help protect and do some anti-aging on your hand area, which is something Prevention readers constantly ask us about 'how can I make my hands look younger?' The Avon product won against its competitors in our Defy Your Age Beauty Awards because it was able to reduce those brown spots and make skin look younger on your hands."


Katie Becker Beauty Editor Prevention Magazine, Interview, Defy Your Age Beauty, Avon Anew, Hand CreamCandace Rose,, Avon Anew Hand Cream SPF 15, Anew-hand-cream-0811-410x290 Avon Anew Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Hand Cream SPF 15 – Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age Beauty Awards


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

KB: "If you go to you'll find all 12 of the winners, the infomration about them plus purchasing information and regular defy your age information." 


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