Interview: Back to School Fashion with Taryn Mohrman of Parents Magazine and Lands End

Taryn Mohrman, Editor of Parents magazine has paired up with Lands' End to showcase the latest in back to school attire that kids will love and won't break the bank!


Tayrn Mohrman Parents Magazine Back to School Lands End Candace RoseTaryn Mohrman of Parents magazine 


Candace Rose: What are the latest trends in fashion for back to school that won't break the bank?

Taryn Mohrman: "We have tons of styles to show you but first I want to talk to you about the survey that Parents did with Lands End. We surveyed kids and parents about the back to school season and we found 60% of moms said that getting kids up, dressed and out the door can be really stressful and we really think that the key to making mornings a little bit easier is getting kids involved in back to school clothing shopping. If they're there to pick out patterns and styles that they really like, they're going to be a little bit more excited in the morning when it's time to get dressed. Three in five moms said that they really want their kids wardrobe a reflection of their personality, so this is a great way to make everybody happy and start the school year off on a really good foot; and quality and affordability as always are huge for parents this year, so we've got some fashions from Lands' End that we want to show you that are really fun!


Boys Attire Taryn Mohrman Interview Lands EndTaryn Mohrman of Parents magazine with models Walker and Elijah


Boys back to school attire Taryn Mohrman Parents Magazine Lands End Candace RoseWalker and Elijah in Lands' End

    And first off is Walker, he's got on these fatigue cargo pants and a graphic vintage tee, and we paired it with the berber fleece on top- really comfy, easy to wear; all about the layering for the boys and that's really going to help these wardrobes get stretched into the colder months. And Elijah has on classic jeans and a hoodie and he's ready to go in what Lands' End calls their "no sweat outfitting." These are pieces that he can just grab from his closet and easily put on without mom's help if he feels like being independent in the morning. Both boys have on cool backpacks, an absolute essential for the back to school season. Elijah's wearing the featherlight 100 from Lands' End and that is a parents pick in their catalog this fall. It can be embroidered and personalized and something to keep in mind when you're shopping for backpacks is that they shouldn't be more than 10% of your child's overall body weight. And while you're at it, go ahead and pack those backpacks up the night before, take one thing off your plate in the morning and you'll have a little bit more free time. 


Boys Backpacks Taryn Mohrman Interview LandsEnd Candace RoseWalker and Elijah sporting their new Lands' End backpacks for back to school!


Girls Attire Taryn Mohrman Lands End Interview Candace Rose candieanderson.comTaryn Mohrman of Parents magazine with models, Charlie and Skyler in Lands' End back to school attire!

       So, Charlie is wearing this adorable print skirt and complementary top, it's part of Lands' Ends 'knit kit' and they're pieces that were designed to be interchangeable and 73% of moms said that it's important that their kids clothes can be mixed and matched and that's going to also help make the wardrobe feel a little bit bigger and 99% of parents said that age appropriate clothing that's still stylish is at the top of their list. So, it's all about feminine styles and silhouettes and age appropriate looks this fall."


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

TM: "Of course! You know 23% of moms said that their kids are going to be wearing school uniforms, it's up from 16% last year, so as more and more schools getting on board with the dress codes; and Skyler's wearing the poplin pintuck dress from Lands' End and we've paired it with the faux suede belt. The message here is just that uniforms can be fun, they can be personalized; you can wear fun accessories like belts and headbands, backpacks and really put your own spin on it too. 


Girls Attire CloseUp Interview Taryn Mohrman LandsEndCharlie and Skyler are ready for back to school!


CR: Where can we go for more information?

TM: "All the fashions you saw here today and more are on, and is loaded with all you need for back to school as well!"


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