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6a01127964c54a28a401538e3eaa0f970bChris Leary of Fox All Access shares the must have tech products every student needs for back to school this fall! – Image courtesy of Fox All Access

Candace Rose: What are the latest and greatest tech gadgets every student needs for back to school?

Chris Leary: "Well, I guess it's hard to send the students back to school with just notepads and traditional things like rulers and things like that; but it's interesting we all know phones phones have the video capture and the cameras and teachers are actually letting them use these phones for their projects. I think it's a great idea but why not be green? As a matter of fact Sprint has four eco-friendly phones and one of them I want to talk to you about is the Samsung Replenish. It's the first Android version and it's free with a contract. You can save $10 a month on your bill; just released is the raspberry pink and it's also the first available with the solar charger. 


samsung replenish chris leary interview candace rose andersonSamsung Replenish Android – Sprint


    Now as a prepaid option with no contract as well, from Virgin Mobile USA that's the Samsung Restore. Now both are made from recycled materials and it doesn't sacrifice any of the performance either, so that's great. 


  samsung restore virgin mobile chris leary interview candace rose andersonSamsung Restore – Virgin Mobile – Best Buy


     This is pretty familiar I'm sure, this is the iPad 2 (not shown) now what you might not be familiar (which is a great idea) is what's underneath, is the Logitech keyboard case, how it helps the students take notes in class makes it really easy for them. It also serves as a protective case to keep the tablet from damage like when the students put it in their backpack going from class to class. 


Logitech-keyboard-case.ENG chris leary interview candace rose anderson back to school technology gadgetsLogitech – Keyboard Case for iPadĀ® 2 -


    Now if you have an iPad or android table this is right idea right here, this is the Logitech tablet keyboard. It's a keyboard and a stand combo.


Logitech-tablet-keyboard-for-android.ENGLogitech Tablet Keyboard for Android – Logitech


    Let's say your student kind of really likes laptops instead, well, Toshiba's got a great idea for your here; this is a great one – this is the Portege R835, it's a full performance ultra portable laptop. As a matter of fact it weighs 3.2 pounds, it's one inch thin, it's got a high definition LED-backlit display (very clear) and it's also got a web cam and lots of connectivity options for mobile use, so that's good for when you're bouncing around on campus.


toshiba portege laptop chris leary interview candace rose anderson technology must haves for back to schoolToshiba Portege R835 – Google Shopping


     Now of course if you have something nice like a laptop you really have to protect it, not only the outside but the inside from malware, from viruses; we've got an antivirus option for you that's free – it's avast; avast free antivirus and it's fully loaded with all the protection you need and it works as well as any other service but it just doesn't charge your credit card every month, so you can download that at, avast free antivirus, candace rose interview, chris learyavast free antivirus –


    Last thing I want to tell you about is simple, it's a pen and I think it's kind of neat because it's from Pilot, it's called the B2P pen – Bottle 2 Pen is what it stands for. It's made of 89% recycled water bottles. As a matter of fact if you pick it up it almost feels like one of the water bottles and it's refillable; it's retractable and it comes in black, blue or red. So I think it's kind of neat helping the environment and getting back to school as well. There's kind of my ideas to help your students get back to whether it's grade school or college or whatever this year."


  recycled bottles, bottles 2 pen, b2p, candace rose anderson interview chris leary, technology must have, back to school, amazon.comPilot B2P – Bottle 2 Pen –


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

CL: "Yes, as a matter of fact if you go to, we've got all the information for you right there as well."




  1. August 3, 2011 / 7:41 pm

    What I wouldn’t give for an iPad!

  2. May 16, 2012 / 12:57 pm

    I really need those stuffs in school. Especially when you have Computer-related subjects. You don’t want to miss that class.

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