Celebrity Interview: 12-Time Olympic Swimming Medalist, Dara Torres

I recently had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with one of the most talented Olympic athletes of our time, Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, who has won twelve medals (including four gold) in five Olympics and at age 44 is looking to compete next year in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. 


  Dara Torres Interview Candace Rose12-time Olympic swimming medalist, Dara Torres


Candace Rose: You're such an inspiration to so many people, especially women. Can you tell us what you've been up to?

Dara Torres: "Well, the past year and a half I've been rehabbing my knee. I've had some major reconstructive knee surgery, so I've been working on that. I got back in the water in August and started training again for what will hopefully be my last Olympic trials and hopefully Olympic games. 


CR: And you're working with BENGAY Cold Therapy? 

DT: "Yes I am. You know being an athlete I obviously get lots of muscle aches and pains but just being my age anyway; being a middle age mom, picking up my daughter and running after her, I get lots muscle aches and pains, so I use BENGAY Cold Therapy. It's a fast acting blast of cold, deep and penetrating and it's long lasting relief and I just love it because I get over my muscle aches and pains quicker."


Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres Candace Rose Interview4-time Olympic gold medalist, Dara Torres 

CR: Do you have any advice for those of use with shin splints – can we use something like BENGAY Cold Therapy for that?

DT: "You know, BENGAY Cold Therapy is more for muscle aches and pains and it's not necessarily for bone type stuff, but you know it's awesome. My back went out the other day a little bit and I rubbed some of that one and within a day it was feeling much better, so I love it. I love the coldness of it too and it doesn't have any odor to it which is nice. And actually if you want to find out more about it, you can go to BENGAY.com." 


Bengay-cold-therapyBENGAY Cold Therapy – BENGAY.com

CR: What is your biggest inspiration and motivation in trying to get to the Olympics?

DT: "I just really love the sport of swimming and I love standing up and competing, so with those two things combined it just really motivates me to want to keep in the sport. And I know I'm getting older, and I know my body is aging a little bit but if I could just get through one more time, it would be great to make another Olympic team."


Dara_torres_10Dara Torres at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where she earned three silver medals. – Image courtesy of Time.com


CR: Thank you! We're all really looking forward to seeing you next year, Dara.

DT: "Thank you very much, have a great day."


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