Interview: Toy Expert Elizabeth Werner on The Top Games and Toys for Summer

 I recently had the pleasure of speaking with toy expert, Elizabeth Werner on the top games and toys for kids and families for summer! 


Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.15.19 PMToy Expert, Elizabeth Werner 


Candace Rose: Congratulations on being honored as the woman to watch in the toy industry by the Women in Toys Association. What are some fun activities the whole family can enjoy?

Elizabeth Werner: "I'm a big believer in old fashioned fun. Candace, I don't know about you but when I think back to my childhood and those really hot long summer months, my best memories come from activities that we did together as a family, a neighborhood – you know the good old fashioned kickball games that went on in the front yard that all the kids came out and the parents came out to play together. I'm a big believer in finding and creating and having things on hand to have activities like that available for the entire family to do together."

CR: What are your favorite new games and toys for summer?

EW: Well, one of my new favorites is the Wii Play Motion. For me as a mom, I don't know about you but I'm not that tech-savvy and I'm not always great with some of the games my kids play, they're really advance for me but the Wii is really intuitive and that's what's made it fun for my entire family to get together and play. You've got to check out these new games, there are 12 of them in this particular game. Each game is really unique and different, what I love about them is they're not the traditional games that we've seen before, these are games where you're going to be floating through raceways holding an umbrella. You're going to be underwater looking for certain objects, you're going to be actually playing with your children and enjoying new activities. Now some of them like this one (shown below) look slightly familiar. This is sort of a whack 'em all game. Now I played this one with my kids and one of my best friends last night, we were having such a great time and what I loved about this is my kids were able to beat me. They're able to enjoy a game with me where they really felt like 'haha check it out we could beat mom.' They were laughing at me because I was really competitive and I was trying really hard. It was something that as a family just like that old fashioned kickball game that we had when I was little, now we're inside – we're up, we're active and we're all laughing together and enjoying the games together."


Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 8.58.10 PMScreen shot of "Whack 'em all" game – Nintendo 


Family Nintendo Wii Motion Screen ShotScreen shot – Family Time!


CR: I just have to know – is Super Mario Bros. available on Wii Motion?

EW: "Oh you know what, you can! There are so many fabulous games including Mario Kart. There are so many wonderful ones you can get up and active and moving with."


Wii Play Motion Super Mario Bros. Screen ShotScreen Shot – Super Mario Bros. Wii Play Motion – Nintendo

CR: Do you have any additional information or tips you'd like to share?

EW: "Absolutely. Those days we're inside, we're going to be playing some games inside but also on the days where maybe the weather's a little bit more manageable, I think parents should absolutely encourage the kids to get outside, get active, again playing some of those games that we remember – the beanbag tosses, the horseshoes, frisbees; get out and bike and remember all those important safety rules too because we know, Candace, in the summer time that's when the kids get the scratched up knees, the scratched up elbows- so the helmets, the pads, all those important things; make sure that those are around and available and easily accessible to kids so when they're out playing, things remain safe."


51dyNgI9xTL._AA300_Frisbee -


Beach Cruisin' (A Candace Rose Favorite)

Teal3_09sixthreezero Teal 3 Speed – Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike – 

CR: Where can we go for more information?

EW: "You can check out information on the fabulous games on"


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