Interview: Beauty & Style Tips for the New Mom with Expert, Jenn Falik

 I recently had the pleasure of speaking with beauty expert (and new mom), Jenn Falik to discuss her favorite beauty and fashion tips for new moms this summer!


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Candace Rose: What are some must have beauty items every new mom needs?

Jenn Falik: "Every new mom has had to make a couple of adjustments to her beauty routine and her fashion picks to adjust to this new life, and the first thing I tell women to go out and get when they find out they're pregnant is Bio Oil which hails from South Africa. It's the number 1 scar and stretch mark treatment in 11 countries and it has amazing natural ingredients in there – vitamin A and E, rosemary, lavender, chamomile. I think when you're pregnant you are a little more cautious of using natural ingredients than maybe you were in the past. It also has PurCellin oil and PurCellin oil is what gives it a really light texture so it melts right into the skin. Use it everyday to to maximize your skins elasticity so as you stretch and then shrink again your skin doesn't look any worse for the wear. It's going to even out hormonal skin spots and if you have a c-section it's going to help to fade those scars. I love again that it's really lightweight, it doesn't feel greasy, it doesn't leave a residue behind and you can pick it up at the drugstore and as a new mom you probably find yourself at the drugstore every single day, so that makes it nice and convenient.


  41pKemFrj4L._SL500_AA300_Bio-Oil –


    I'm all about convenience when it comes to any products you are using as a new mom, you want something that's simple and your skin can start acting in some funky ways; I noticed that especially after I had my daughter that my skin was a little different than I remembered it being in the past and DDF has a great professional grade skin resurfacing treatment called the Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing system and it gives you more effective exfoliation than in-office dermabrasion treatments will after 2 weeks use and you can adjust the intensity because as a new mom some days your skin is really sensitive and other days it doesn't feel so sensitive, so you can adjust the intensity of the treatment depending on how your skin is feeling that day and it gives you 8 times better results as far as polishing up the imperfections go than regular old exfoliating. So, if you want to hind uneven skin; if you want to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines this is going to take care of sort of everything that your skin needs in one simple step. You can use it in the shower and I can speak from experience as a new mom that sometimes the only minutes I get to myself any time during the day is in the shower, so maximize those moments to do as much as possible for yourself- incorporate a little pampering, get a body wash that's really going to pamper your skin. Nivea has these new 'Touch of Cashmere' and 'Touch of Serenity' body washes that smell great. We've got Orchid and Hibiscus scent in there and it has hydra iq which is a new technology from Nivea that helps your skin to maintain its optimal moisture balance for 24 hours, so you get silky smooth skin for an entire day. Anything that you don't have to redo every few hours as a new mom is a huge plus!"


415UNKwqz1L._AA300_DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System –


300Nivea 'Touch of Cashmere' Cream Oil Body Wash –


CR: As a new mom yourself, do you have any favorite style tips you'd like to share?

JF: "Messenger bags are a new mom's best friend, and lucky for us they are on trend for summer but they're hands free and you can fit a lot in them, so you still have your hands to do whatever you need to do dealing with your baby and you can still bring everything that you need along with you and don't have to worry that you've left your purse somewhere. Scarves are another thing that new moms should stock up on, not only as temperatures change and your hormones are getting readjusted. You may feel freezing cold when it's actually quite warm outside but something else that's great about scarves is they make a good fashion statement – comfortable, easy to wear, incorporate a trend into your look without buying a whole new look and if you happen to get spit up on, all you have to do is change the way that your scarf is positioned and nobody will know."


Candace Rose Favorite Messenger Bag Pick!

98836_in_dlMulberry – Oversized Alexa Leather Bag – Net-A-Porter.Com


Candace Rose Favorite Scarf Pick!

112943_in_dlJ.Crew – Printed fine-weave wool scarf – Net-A-Porter.Com


CR: Where can we go for more information?

JF: "For more information you can go to or my blog for some of my crazy mom experiences and my favorite fashion and blog finds which is"



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